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Descendants of

1.1  AARON BURLESON (b. ca 1686, Caerleon, Monmouthshire, Wales; d. 1763, Rutherford Co., NC) m.
       1710 Buncomb, Rutherford Co., NC, SARAH CAMP (b. ca 1689, possibly Durham, England)

       2.1 AARON BURLESON II (b. 5-28-1712, Caerleon Monmouthshire, Wales;  d. 11-16-1782, Clynch River,
             (now Washington Co.) TN) m. RACHEL HENDRICKS (b. ca 1730, Wales; d. ca 1783, Rutherford
             Co., NC)  Aaron served in the Rev. War.  He died as a result of injuries inflicted by an Indian
             attack at Toe River.  NC historians maintain that he was in the company of Daniel Boone at the
            time of the Indian attack.  He left a Will recorded at Jonesboro, TN.

             3.1  Thomas BURLESON (b. 1745) m. Jane Green

             3.2  Sarah BURLESON

             3.3  Aaron BURLESON III (b. 1749) m. Volley Hogan

             3.4  Rachel BURLESON

             3.5  Nancy BURLESON m. Joseph Gage

             3.6  Abigail BURLESON m. Reuben Gage

             3.7  Mary BURLESON m. Daniel Allard

             3.8  Rhoda BURLESON m. Moses Gage

             3.9  John BURLESON (b. 1768) m. Abigail Adair

             3.10   Jonathan BURLESON (b. 1769) m. Margaret Pulliam

             3.11  Joseph BURLESON (b. 1-1-1770) m. Nancy Gage

                     4.1 Aaron BURLESON

                     4.2 Unknown BURLESON m. George Jones

                           5.1  G.W. Jones, member of Congress, Austin District

             3.12  Elizabeth BURLESON m. Daniel SHIPMAN

             3.13  JAMES BURLESON (b. 5-4-1758, NC; d. 1-3-1836, Bastrop Co., TX) m. 12-25-1791,
                      ELIZABETH SHIPMAN (b. 1766, MD; d. 1821, AL), daughter of JACOB SHIPMAN

                     4.1  Edward BURLESON (b. 12-15-1798, Buncombe Co., NC; d. 1851) m. Sarah Owen (b.
                            Madison Co., AL)  He was a General in the Texas Revolution, member Third Congress
                            at Houston 1838), President of the Texas State Senate,  and Vice President of the
                            Republic of Texas (1841).

                            5.1 Edward BURLESON (b. 1826; d. 1877) m. Emma Kyle (b. 1831; d. 1877)

                     4.2   Aaron BURLESON (b. 10-1-1815; d. 4-13-1885, Austin, TX; buried in "Roger's Hill"
                             cemetery) m. JANE C. TANNEHILL (b. 3-6-1833; d. 4-16-1898)

                     4.3    LUCINDA BURLESON (b. 12-7-1820, AL; d. 6-12-1897, Travis Co., TX) m. 10-8-1839,
                              Bastrop Co., TX,  WILLIAM WATTS HORNSBY (b. 1-11-1877, MS; d. 1-31-1899, Travis
                              Co., TX), son of REUBEN HORNSBY and SARAH MORRISON  (For children, see WILLIAM
                              WATTS HORNSBY) 
                              (See PHOTO)

       2.2  Thomas BURLESON

       2.3  Edward BURLESON

       2.4  Elizabeth BURLESON (b. 1718; d. 1793, Rutherford Co., NC) m. Brunswick, VA, Daniel Shipman, Sr.

       2.5 John BURLESON (b. 1729, Lucenburg Co., VA; d. 1776) m.  Sarah Unknown

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