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Descendants of
WILLIAM DOUGLAS, 3rd Lord Douglas

1.1 WILLIAM DOUGLAS, 3rd Lord Douglas (b. ca 1155; d. aft 1211)

      2.1 ARCHIBALD DOUGLAS, 4th Lord Douglas (b. ca 1180; d. 1240) m. ca 1999, MARGARET CRAWFORD,
            daughter of Sir JOHN CRAWFORD

            3.1 WILLIAM "Longlegs" DOUGLAS, 5th Lord Douglas (b. 1200; d. 1276) m. MARTHA CARRICK (b. ca 1183,
                  Carrick), daughter of GILBERT of Galloway and Carrick

                  4.1 Hugh DOUGLAS, 6th Lord Douglas (b. ca 1234; d. 1288) m. ca 1259, Marjory Abernathy

                  4.2 Sir WILLIAM "le Hardi" DOUGLAS, 7th Lord Douglas (b. ca 1240, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland;
                        d. ca 1302, ca 1302, Tower of London, Middlesex, England) m. (1)  ELIZABETH STEWART

                         Sir William was the progenitor of the line known as the "Black Douglases" from the color of
                         their hair.  He was overlord to and fought with William Wallace - one of the few from his class
                         to do so.  He died in the Tower of London after refusing to swear fealty to the English King.
                         In 1298 he was made the 7th Lord Douglas.

                         5.1 Sir JAMES DOUGLAS "Good Sir James", 8th Lord  Douglas, (b. ca 1265, Douglas, Lanarkshire,
                               Scotland; d. 8-25-1330, Spain; buried Scotland)

                               In Barbour's 14th century epic poem "The Bruce", the Good Sir James occupies a place equal
                               to that of King Robert himself.  He attended Bruce at his death in 1328 and promised to take
                                his heart to the Holy Land.   He tried but in Spain he was killed in battle.  King Robert's
                                heart was rescued and returned to Scotland - it never made it to the Holy Land for one
                                last pilgrimage.

                              6.1 William DOUGLAS (d. 1333, Halidon Hill, Northumberland, England)

                              6.2  ARCHIBALD II "the Grim" DOUGLAS, 3rd Earl DOUGLAS (b. Hermiston, Roxburghshire, Scotland;
                                     d. 2-1400) m. 1362, JOHANA (Murray) MORAY (b. ca 1350, Bothwell, Scotland; d. 1409),
                                     daughter of ANDREW MORAY and UNKNOWN BRUCE

                                     ARCHIBALD II had already received huge grants  from BRUCE's son, King David II, in Galloway
                                     when he inherited as the 3rd Earl of Douglas.   The ruins of his castle of Threave still stand
                                     as a memorial to the Black Douglas Lords of Galloway.   He fought against the English at Poitiers
                                     in 1356, where he was captured and escaped.  In addition to being 3rd Earl of Douglas, he was
                                     12th Lord Douglas, Lord of Galloway and in 1378 was named Earl of Mar.

                                      7.1 William DOUGLAS (b. ca 1364, Nithsdale, Drumfrieshire, Scotland; d. 1398, Danzig) m.
                                            Egidia (Jill) STEWART, Princess of Scotland (b. ca 1362, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland),
                                            daughter of ROBERT STEWART and  EUPHEMIA ROSS

                                            8.1  William DOUGLAS (d. bef. 1408)

                                            8.2  Egida DOUGLAS m. Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney

                                      7.2  ARCHIBALD III "Tyne-man" DOUGLAS, 4th Earl DOUGLAS (b. ca 1372, Lanarkshire,
                                             Scotland; d. 1426, killed at Verneuil) m. ca 1387, Scotland, MARGARET STEWART (b.
                                             ca 1370, Dunfermline, Scotland; d. 1450, Thrieve Castle, Galloway, Scotland),
                                             daughter of King ROBERT III STEWART  and ANNABELLA DRUMMOND

                                             ARCHIBALD III fought at the Battle of Shrewsbury with HENRY "Hotspur" PERCY
                                              against Henry IV of England in1403.  The Percy was killed and the Douglas was taken
                                              prisoner.  After he regained his  freedom, he continued the fight against England
                                              as a General of Joan of Arc's Dauphin, Charles VII of France.  There he was rewarded
                                              with the duchy  of Touraine, but died in battle at Verneuil.

                                              ARCHIBALD III was 4th Earl Douglas, 13th Lord Douglas, Lord of Galloway, Bothwell, and
                                              Annandale, and Duke of Touraine.

                                              8.1  Lady MARY DOUGLAS (b. ca 1388,  Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland) m. ca
                                                    1406, Sir SIMON GLENDONWYN (b. 1378, Glendonwyn, Scotland; d. 1437, wounded
                                                    in Scots Army), son of ADAM  GLENDONWYN and MARGARET de
                                                    WAUCHOPE (For children, see Sir SIMON GLENDONWYN)
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                                             8.2  Archibald DOUGLAS, 5th Earl Douglas (b. ca 1390, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland;
                                                    d. 1439) m. (1) Dundee, Scotland, Maud LINDSAY daughter of DAVID
                                                    LINDSAY and CATHERINE STEWART

                                                    Archibald was also 14th Lord Douglas and Earl of Wigtown

                                                    Archibald DOUGLAS m. (2) Euphemia  Grahame (b. ca 1408, Stratheam,
                                                    Perthshire, Scotland), daughter of Sir Patrick Grahame

                                                    9.1 William IV DOUGLAS, 6th Earl  Douglas (b. ca 1423; d. 1440, slain
                                                            by Chrichton, Regent of Scotland,  at the "Black Dinner")

                                                           William and his younger brother David were invited to dinner at the Castle to
                                                            meet the young King James and were  both murdered by Chrichton, Regent of
                                                           Scotland.   The dinner has become known as the "Black Dinner".  William was also
                                                           Lord of Galloway.

                                                    9.2  David DOUGLAS (b. ca 1425; d. 1440, slain by Chrichton, Regent of
                                                           Scotland, at the "Black Dinner".

                                                    9.3  Margaret DOUGLAS, "Fair Maid of Galloway" (b. ca 1429) m. (1)
                                                           William DOUGLAS, 8th Earl Douglas (d. 2-13-1451, Stirling, Scotland),
                                                           son of James DOUGLAS and Beatrix Sinclair; m. (2) James DOUGLAS,
                                                           9th Earl of DOUGLAS (d. ca 1455), son of James DOUGLAS and Beatrix
                                                           Sinclair; m. (3) 1458 John STEWART  (b. ca 1440, Bralveny, Fifeshire,

                                                           Margaret "Fair Maid of Galloway" was  kidnapped with Maud LINDSAY in 1439
                                                           and held at White Tower in France for a year, until ransom was arranged.   With
                                                           her two brothers murdered at the Black Dinner, Margaret swore she would marry
                                                           within the clan to keep it going.  She later married William, 8th Earl of Douglas, and
                                                           upon his  death, his brother, James, 9th Earl of Douglas.   When James was charged
                                                           with treason and  Margaret was faced with losing all (and possibly her life),
                                                           she went to the King and said she was confused when she married the two
                                                           brothers, and based on the fact that there were no children from either
                                                            marriage, she convinced the King  that neither marriage had been consummated
                                                           and begged for her properties to be returned to her.  The King apparently
                                                           believed her as the property belonged  to her before her marriages was
                                                           returned and the marriage dissolved.

                                                           0.1 Elizabeth Stewart, Baroness Gray (b. ca 1459, Traquair, Peeblesshire,
                                                                  Scotland) m. Andrew Gray, Baron Gray (b. ca 1446, Scotland)

                                                           10.2 Janet (Jean) Stewart, Countess of Huntley (b. ca 1461, Traquair,
                                                                  Peeblesshire, Scotland) m. Alexander Gordon, Count of
                                                                  Huntley (b. ca 1450, Huntley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

                                                           10.3 Katherine Stewart, Baroness Forbes (b. ca 1463, Traquair,
                                                                  Peeblesshire, Scotland) m. John Forbes, Baron Forbes
                                                                  (b. ca 1461, Scotland)

                                                           10.4 James Stewart (b. ca 1478, Traquair, Peeblesshire, Scotland)
                                                                  m. Katherine Rutherfurde (b. ca 1488, Rutherford, Roxburgh,

                                             8.3   Sir James DOUGLAS (b. ca 1392; d. 1426, killed at Vermeuil, with his father)

                                             8.4   Elizabeth DOUGLAS (b. ca 1394, Douglas Lanarkshire, Scotland) m. (1) William
                                                    Sinclair, Earl of Orkney (b. ca 1392, Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland),
                                                    son of Unknown Sinclair, Earl of Orkney

                                                    9.1  Catherine Sinclair, Duchess of Albany (b. Orkney, Orkney Islands,
                                                           Scotland) m. Alexander STEWART, Prince of Scotland (b. ca 1454,
                                                           Stirling, Scotland; d. ca 1484, Paris, France), son of James STEWART
                                                           and Mary of Guelders

                                                           Elizabeth DOUGLAS m. (2) Sir Thomas  STEWART, Earl of mar (b. 1392,
                                                           Scotland); m. (3) John STEWART, Earl of Buchan (b. ca 1380, Argyllshire,
                                                           Scotland), son of Robert STEWART and Muriella Keith

                                             8.5  Helen DOUGLAS (b. ca 1396, Scotland)  m. Alexander Lauder (b. ca 1394,

                                      7.3  James III "le Gross" DOUGLAS, 7th Earl Douglas (b. ca 1392, Douglas, Lanarkshire,
                                             Scotland; d. 1443) m. Beatrix Sinclair, daughter of Unknown Sinclair, Earl of Orkney

                                             James II became the 7th Earl Douglas upon the  murders of his young nephews at the
                                             "Black Dinner".

                                             8.1   William DOUGLAS, 8th Earl Douglas (d. 2-13-1451, Stirling, Scotland) m.
                                                    Margaret DOUGLAS, "Fair Maid of Galloway" (b. ca 1429)

                                                   William succeeded his father as Earl of Douglas and married his cousin,
                                                    Margaret.  He was made
Lieutenant General of Scotland by James II.  He
                                                    traveled to Romein1450 to attend the Papal Jubilee and passed through Europe
                                                    with regal magnificence.  On his return he resumed his alliance with the Earls of
                                       Crawford and Ross.  King James II sent him a safe-conduct (a pass) and invited
                                                     him to
dinner in Stirling Castle.  When the King ordered him to break his alliances
                                                     with the two earls, William refused and the King
stabbed him.  The attendants
                                                      finished him off and
his body was flung over the battlements.

                                               8.2 James DOUGLAS, 9th Earl of Douglas d. 1455) m. Margaret DOUGLAS, "Fair
                                                      Maid of Galloway" (b. ca 1429)

                                                James succeeded his brother as 9th Earl of Douglas upon his murder by the King. 
                                                      A few
weeks later James rode through Stirling,  dragging the dishonoured
at his horse's tail.  In 1455 the King secured the submission of the
                                                      9th Earl, then charged him and his family with treason and brough
t  an army
                                                      against them. James fled to England where
his brother John joined him.   His
Archibald was killed and Hugh executed.   The Douglas stronghold of Threave
forced to surrender and the King took the Douglas' properties.   Margaret, his
                                                      wife, went to the King,
telling him she had been confused when she married the two
                                                      Douglas brothers and, based on the fact that there were no children of either
convinced the King that neither marriage had been consummated
                                                      and begged for her properties to be returned to her, which they were - at least
                                                      the ones that were hers prior to her marriages.  This was the end of
                                                      Black Douglas line.

                                               8.3   Archibald DOUGLAS (d. 1444) m. Unknown Dunbar

                                               8.4   Hugh DOUGLAS, Earl of Ormond (d. 1455, executed)

                                               8.5   John DOUGLAS, Lord of Balverny

                                               8.6   George DOUGLAS

                                               8.7   Margaret DOUGLAS m. Lord Dalkeith

                                               8.8   Beatrix DOUGLAS m. John Steward, Duke of Albany, Constable of Scotland

                                               8.9   Janet DOUGLAS m. Lord Fleming of Cumbernauld

                                               8.10 Elizabeth DOUGLAS

                                      7.4    Marjory DOUGLAS (d. 1420) m. (1) David, Prince of Scotland; m. (2) Sir Walter
                                               Haliburton of Durelton

                        5.2  MURIEL DOUGLAS (b. ca 1287, Castle Kary,  Somersetshire, England) m. ca 1304, RICHARD LOVEL
                               (b. ca 1283, Castle Kary, Somersetshire, England), son of HUGH LOVEL and ALIANORE UNKNOWN
                               (For children, see RICHARD LOVEL)
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                        Sir WILLIAM "le Hardi" DOUGLAS m. (2) aft. 1295, ELEANOR (Ferrais) FERRERS (b. England)

                        5.3   Hugh DOUGLAS, 9th Lord Douglas (d. ca 1343)

                        5.4   Archibald DOUGLAS, Lord of Galloway (b. 1296, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland; d. 7-19-1333,
                                Halidon Hill, Northumberland, England) m. ca 1320 Beatrice de LINDSAY (b. ca 1291), daughter of
                                ALEXANDER LINDSAY and UNKNOWN STEWART

                                He was Regent of Scotland during the minority of King ROBERT II BRUCE

                                6.1  John DOUGLAS (b. ca 1321, Douglas Lanarkshire, Scotland; d. bef. 1333, France)

                                6.2   Marjory DOUGLAS m. Thomas MAR, Earl of Mar

                                6.3   Eleanor DOUGLAS (b. ca 1325, Douglas,  Lanarkshire, Scotland) m. (1) Alexander Bruce
                                       (b. ca 1320); m. (2) Sir James Sandilands (b. ca 1319, Calder, Scotland

                                       7.1   Sir James Sandilands (b. ca 1346, Calder, Lanarkshire, Scotland) m.
                                               Jean (Joanna) STEWART, Princess of Scotland (b. ca 1348, Dundonald,
                                               Ayrshire, Scotland)

                                       7.2   Patrick Sandilands (b. ca 1349, Calder, Lanarkshire, Scotland) m. Isabella Lindsay
                                               (b. ca 1356)

                                       Eleanor DOUGLAS m. (3) Sir Patrick Hepburne (b. ca 1323); m. (4) Sir William Towers (b. ca 1323);
                                       m. (5) Sir Duncan Wallace (b. ca 1323)

                                6.4   William DOUGLAS, 1st Earl Douglas (b. ca 1323, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland; d.
                                       5-1384) m. (1) Margaret (Marjory) STEWART, daughter of Sir John STEWART 
                                        William was also 10th Lord Douglas.

                                       7.1   George DOUGLAS, 1st Earl of Angus  (b. ca 1376, Mar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland;
                                               d. aft. 9-14-1402, Homildon Hill, captured by English, died of plague) m.
                                               5-24-1397, Mary STEWART, Princess of Scotland (b. 1380, Dunfermline, Fifeshire,
                                               Scotland; d.1458), daughter of King ROBERT III STEWART and ANNABELLA

                                               8.1   William DOUGLAS, 2nd Earl of Angus (d. 1437) m. Margaret Hay, daughter of
                                                      Sir William Hay of Yester

                                                      William DOUGLAS was the progentor of the Red Douglases because of the
                                                      hair color.

                                                      9.1 James DOUGLAS, 3rd Earl of Angus (d. ca 1446)

                                                      9.2  George DOUGLAS, 4th Earl of Angus (d. 1463) m. Isabella Sibbold,
                                                             daughter of Sir John Sibbold

                                                             10.1 Archibald "Bell-the-Cat"  DOUGLAS, Earl of Angus,
                                                                     Lord Chancellor m. bef. 1468, Elizabeth Boyd,
                                                                     daughter of Robert Boyd,  Lord Boyd
    He acquired the nickname, according  to tradition, in this way: 
                                                                     A clique of nobles was conspiring to undermine the King's favorite
                                                                     Cochrane, reputed architect  of the palace of Stirling.  One of them
                                                                       told the story of the mice who put a bell  round the neck of the cat to
                                                                      warn them  of its approach.  "I will  bell the cat,"  said the Earl of
                                                                      Angus.  The nobles then hanged  the talented Cochrane from
                                                                      Lauder bridge under the very eyes of the King.  In 1488 King
                                                                      James III was himself murdered  and   Archibald "Bell- the-Cat"
                                                                       became Guardian of the Realm  in the name of the young James IV
                                                                       and subsequently Lord Chancellor.

                                                                      11.1 George DOUGLAS, Master of Angus  (d. 1513, Flodden Field)
                                                                               m. (1) Elizabeth  Drummond

                                                                               12.1 Archibald DOUGLAS, 6th Earl of Angus (b.  1489; d. 1557) m. 1514
                                                                                       Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland Archibald was forced
                                                                                       into exile to England, ending the power of the Red Douglases.

                                                                                George DOUGLAS m. (2) Lady Dundas; m. (3) Unknown Fowler

                                                                          11.2 Gavin DOUGLAS, Bishop of Dunkeld (d. 1522,  London, England, of
                                                                                  the plague)

                                                                                 He was the first person who translated  a Latin classic
                                                                                 into the English   language.   He first translated a work
                                                                                 of Ovoid, now lost, then  completed his Aeneid of
                                                                                 Virgil.   This, with his own poetry,   placed him in the
                                                                                 highest ranks  of Scotland's  early poets.  He also
                                                                                 played an active part in political activities and
                                                                                 prospered for a time when his nephew, 6th Earl
                                                                                 of Angus,  married   the widowed Queen of Scots,
                                                                                  but, when the Earl fell from  power and  was exiled, Gavin
                                                                                  Douglas was forced to share his exile.  He died
                                                                                  in London, a denounced traitor.

                                                                         11.3  Sir William DOUGLAS of Glenbervie (d. 1513, Flodden Field)

                                               8.2   Elizabeth DOUGLAS m. 10-1423, Sir Alexander Forbes, 1st Lord Forbes
                                                      (b. ca 1380; d. 1448)

                                       William DOUGLAS m. (2) Castle Cary, England, Margaret MAR (b. ca 1326, Castle Cary,
                                       England; d. ca 1372), daughter of Donald,  Earl of Mar, and Isabel STEWART

                                       7.2   Unknown DOUGLAS m. Lord of Montgomery

                                       7.3   Isabel DOUGLAS m. (1) Malcolm, Lord of Drummond (d. 1402); m. (2)
                                               Alexander STEWART (d. 1435)

                                       7.4   James II DOUGLAS, 2nd Earl Douglas (b. 1358, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland; d.
                                               8-10-1388, Battle of Otterburn, Berwickshire,  Scotland) James II was 11th Lord Douglas.

                                               8.1   William DOUGLAS, 1st Baron of Drumlanrig (d. 1421) m. Elizabeth
                                                      Stewart, daughter of Robert Stewart of Durisdeer

                                                      9.1   William DOUGLAS, 2nd Baron of Drumlanrig (d. ca 1444) m. Janet
                                                             Maxwell, daughter of Sir Herbert Maxwell of Caerlavorock

                                                             10.1 William DOUGLAS, 3rd Baron of Drumlanrig (d. ca 1484) m.
                                                                     Elizabeth Crichton, daughter of Sir Robert Crichton of

                                                                     11.1  James DOUGLAS, 4th Baron Drumlanrig (d. 1498)

                                                                     11.2  Archibald DOUGLAS (d. bef. 1499) ancestor of Coshogill

                                                                     11.3  George DOUGLAS, ancestor of Penzirie

                                                                     11.4  Robert DOUGLAS

                                                                     11.5  John DOUGLAS, Vicar of Kirkconnell

                                                                     11.6  Margaret DOUGLAS m. John, 2nd Lord Cathcart

                                                                     11.7  Janet DOUGLAS m. (1) William, Master at Somerville; m. (2)
                                                                             Sir John Gordon

                                                                     11.8  Elizabeth DOUGLAS m. 1497, John Campbell

                                               8.2   Archibald DOUGLAS, ancestor of Cavers, Sheriffs of Teviotdale

                                                      9.1   Archibald DOUGLAS

                                               James II DOUGLAS m. (2) 9-23-1371, Scotland, Isabel Euphemia STEWART, Princess of
                                               Scotland (b. ca 1348, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland; d. ca 1410), daughter of King
                                               ROBERT STEWART and ELIZABETH MURE

                                               8.3   Unknown DOUGLAS (d. infancy)

                        5.5   John DOUGLAS (ancestor of Lairds of Mains and Lochleven)

                        5.6    MARGARET DOUGLAS (b. ca 1325; d. bef. 8-1-1377) m. 1342, ADAM de GLENDONWYN, son of ADAM
                                 GLENDONWYN and AGNES TOWERS (For children,  see ADAM de GLENDONWYN)
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                  4.3  Willelma DOUGLAS m. William of Glabrath

            3.2  Andrew DOUGLAS.  He witnessed with his brother WILLIAM "le Hardi" the Charter in 1248

                   4.1 William DOUGLAS m. Elizabeth STEWART (b. ca 1245),  daughter of Alexander STEWART and
                        Jean Unknown

                         5.1  Sir James DOUGLAS of Lothian (d. bef. 4-1323) m. Joan Unknown (d. aft 1337)  He was
                                granted property  of Morton, originally a small-holding in East Calder

                                  6.1  Sir William DOUGLAS, "Knight of Liddesdale" m. Elizabeth Unknown

                                         He was given the ancient earldom of Atholl in 1341 by King David II BRUCE, but then
                                         arranged for him to exchange it for Liddesdale.  He was celebrated
                                         as the flower of chivalry, and known as the Knight of  Liddesdale.   His descendants
                                         became the first lords  Dalkeith, then in 1458 earls of Morton in Dumfriesshire.

                                         Sir William's descendant was the 3rd Earl of Morton.  The branch of the Earls of
                                         Morton also suffered from  the hatred of James V for all his stepfather's family of
                                         Douglas.   In the reign of his daughter, the 4th Earl of Morton (ca 1516-1581) stepped
                                         into the center of the state once occupied by Black and Red Douglases.   His part is
                                         one of the most sinister of all, including complicity in the murders of both Damley
                                         and Rizzio.  After Queen Mary's deposition he became one of the Regents during the
                                         minority of her son, James VI, who  executed him when he came of age. It was then
                                         established that the Countess of Morton had been  insane for the previous 22 years;
                                         only daughters survived these parents.

                                  6.2  Sir John DOUGLAS (d. bef. 1350) m. Agnes Munfode

                                        7.1  James DOUGLAS, Lord of Dalkeith m. 1372, Agnes Dunbar (d. 1378), daughter of Patrick

                                               8.1  James DOUGLAS, 2nd Laird of Dalkeith (d. ca 1440) m. Elizabeth STEWART,
                                                      daughter of King ROBERT III STEWART

                                                      9.1  William DOUGLAS (b. 1390; d. ca 1425) m. Margaret Borthwick.  He was a
                                                              hostage in England for James I.

                                                              10.1  James DOUGLAS, 3rd Earl of Dalkeith m. Elizabeth Gifford,
                                                                      daughter of James Gifford of Sherifhall.   He succeeded his
                                                                      father about 1440.

                                                                      11.1  James DOUGLAS, 4th Earl of Dalkeith

       2.2  Brice DOUGLAS, Bishop of Mo ray

       2.3  Alexander DOUGLAS, Vicar of Elgin, Canon of Spynie

       2.4  Henry DOUGLAS, Clerk of Bishop, Canon of Spynie

       2.5  Hugh DOUGLAS, Archbishop of Moray

       2.6  Freskin DOUGLAS, Dean of Moray (d. 12320

       2.7  Margaret DOUGLAS m. Henry Keith

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