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Descendants of

1.1  JACOB ENGLAND (b. ca 1766/71, VA; d. bet. 1814/20, Robertson Co., TN) m. 3-1-1791, Montgomery Co.,
       VA, REBEKAH ANN SUMNER (b. ca 1773, prob. VA; d. Robertson Co., TN), daughter of HEZEKIAH SUMNER and
       MARY UNKNOWN.  They moved to Robertson Co., TN, in the early 1800s.  There is some confusion
       about the date of marriage and it may have been 6-7-1791.

       2.1  Rev. WILLIAM ENGLAND (b. 4-25-1794, VA; d. 1876, Montague Co., TX) m. 3-2-1817, CLOAH PIKE (b.
              8-10-1794, TN; d. 9-24-1870), daughter of ZEBULON PIKE and SARAH UNKNOWN 
              (See CENSUS RECORD - 1850)

              William England was murdered by Benk Kribbs, who was sentenced to be hung by the District Court
              of Montague Co., TX.  The information about the murder was in a book which abstracts the weekly
              newspaper "Texas Christian Advocate", dated 12-2-1876, Vol. XXIV, No. 23, at the Bridwell Library,
              Dallas, TX.  William served in the War of 1812, in the Battle of New Orleans.  He was in Grayson
              Co., TX, in 1873.

              3.1  Saria ENGLAND (b. 3-18-1819; d. young, between 1830/40)

              3.2  Susanna ENGLAND (b. 9-9-1821, TN) m. 5-7-1829, Salem, IL, William Monroe Adams (b. ca 1820, VA) 
                     They settled in Guadalupe Co., TX, from IL about 1850/1.

                     4.1   Hester Ann Rodgers Adams (b. 1840)

                     4.2   Tabitha Adams (b. 1842)

                     4.3   William Monroe Adams (b. 1844)

                     4.4   Damaris Adams (b. 1846)

              3.3   Hester Ann ENGLAND (b. 6-26-1823, TN) m. 6-23-1846, Benjamin Crain (b. ca 1832). 
                      WILLIAM ENGLAND was the minister that  married the couple.

              3.4    Mary ENGLAND (b. 5-5-1825, TN) m. William J. Locke (b. 11-27-1828)

                       4.1   Mary Olive Locke (b. 10-6-1849)

                       4.2   William M. Locke (b. 9-25-1851)

                       4.3   Sarah J.G. Locke (b. 6-20-1853)

                       4.4   Judith A. Locke (b. 5-7-1856)

                       4.5   Martha A. Locke (b. 4-20-1858)

                       4.6   Stephen A.D. Locke (b. 6-17-1859)

                       4.7   Sam H. Locke (b. 8-8-1861)

                       4.8   Girard E. Locke (b. 9-15-1863)

                       4.9   Hettie E. Locke (b. 4-4-1865)

              3.5    William ENGLAND, Jr., (b. 5-14-1827, IL) m. 12-22-1853,
                       Mary Elizabeth Massey (b. 4-27-1831)

              3.6    ROSANA ENGLAND (b. 4-23-1829, IL; d. 4-3-1906, Morris Ranch, Gillespie Co., TX) (twin) m. 7-25-1849,
                       ACIEL (Asa) PHELPS LACEY (b. 5-18-1830, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 5-4-1913, OK), son of ELIJAH LACEY
                       and RUTH McDONALD (For children, see ACIEL (Asa) PHELPS LACEY

              3.7     Jane ENGLAND (b. 4-23-1829, IL) m. Isaac Taylor (b. ca 1829)

              3.8     Parmelia ENGLAND (b. 11-9-1831, IL; d. 11-8-1846)

       2.2   Benjamin S. ENGLAND (b. 1797, VA) m. 1(1) 2-1825, Giles Co., TN, Elizabeth McGuire (b. ca 1808, GA;
               d. 2-1853, Scotland Co., MO)

               3.1    Granville ENGLAND (b. ca 1826)

               3.2    James ENGLAND (b. ca 1829, Okawville, IL)

               3.3    Cynthia ENGLAND (b. 1831, IL)

               3.4    Nancy ENGLAND (b. 1833)

               3.5    William Benjamin ENGLAND (b. 4-22-1835, St. Clair Co., IL;  d. 12-8-1878, Henry Co., MO) m.
                        11-18-1856, St. Clair Co., IL,  Mary (Lins?) Land

                        4.1  George Washington ENGLAND (b. 5-9-1866, Belleville, IL;  d. 2-24-1946, Parsons, Labette
                               Co., KS) m. 2-8-1888, Oswego, Labette Co., KS, Anne Zurelda Haggard (b.
                               5-25-1873, Labette City, KS; d. 4-17-1937, Oswego, KS)

                               5.1   George Edward ENGLAND (b. 1-10-1904, Labette City, KS; d. 8-6-1987, Parsons, Labette
                                       Co., KS) m. 9-2-1925, Independence, KS, Neva Agnes Hays

                                       6.1   George F. ENGLAND

               3.6    George W. ENGLAND (b. 7-26-1837, Okawville, IL; d. 10-3-1925, Jerseyville, IL) m. 11-24-1859,
                        Jerseyville, IL, Mary Costello

               3.7    Harriet ENGLAND (b. 1840, IL)

               Benjamin S. ENGLAND m. (2) 5-2-1854, Scotland Co., MO, Lucrecia  Boggs

       2.3   Sally (Sary) ENGLAND

       2.4   Isaac ENGLAND

       2.5   Mary ENGLAND

       2.6   John Hezekiah ENGLAND

       2.7   Hezekiah Sumner ENGLAND (b. 1810, Robertson Co., TN; d.  8-16-1899, Ottumwa, Wapella Co., IA)
               m. (1) Sarah J. Stanley (d. 3-1862, Ormansville, Wapello Co., IA); m. (2) 10-10-1862, Giles Co.,
               TN, Mary J. Turner

       2.8   Jane ENGLAND m. Thomas Payne

       2.9   John Fletcher ENGLAND (b. ca 1814, Robertson Co., TN) m. ca 1838, TN, Louisa Pepper (b. 8-7-1821,
               Robertson Co., TN; d. 12-5-1883,  Guadalupe Co., TX).  He settled in Texas during the 1870s and was
               a Methodist minister.

               3.1    Alfred B. ENGLAND (b. 1839, Robertson Co., TN)

               3.2    Susan J. ENGLAND (b. 1841, Robertson Co., TN) m. 11-30-1871, Guadalupe Co., TX, R. L. McKinney
                        (b. 1816; d. 1888)

               3.3    Amanda E. ENGLAND (b. 1842, Robertson Co., TN)

               3.4    Milton R. ENGLAND (b. 1844, Robertson Co., TN)

               3.5    Wesley P. ENGLAND (b. 1845, Robertson Co., TN)

               3.6    Louisa ENGLAND (b. 1847, Robertson Co., TN) m. 5-21-1867, TN, Fountain Robbins

               3.7   Nancy A. ENGLAND (b. 1849, Robertson Co., TN) m. 1-23-1871, George H. Smith

               3.8   James Robert ENGLAND (b. 8-17-1851, Robertson Co., TN; d. 12-26-1909, San Antonio, TX) (twin)
                       m. 11-28-1872, Seguin, TX, Mary Jane Hall (b.2-26-1854, MS; d. 11-11-1943, San Antonio, TX)

               3.9   John F. ENGLAND (b. 8-17-1851, Robertson Co., TN; d. 7-15-1894) m. 8-16-1877, Eliza Davidson

               3.10 Martha Tennessee ENGLAND (b. 1854, Robertson Co., TN;  d. TX) m. 6-26-1873, Luling, Guadalupe z
                       Co., TX, Jessie Clement Hall (b. 1849, Desoto Co., MS; d. 10-24-1916, Marcos, Hays Co., TX)

               3.11 Davis Petway ENGLAND (b. 1855, Robertson Co., TN; d. TX) m. 7-13-1880, Molly Davis

               3.12 W. S. ENGLAND (b. 1857, Robertson Co., TN; d. TX)

               3.13 George Boyd (Pampey) ENGLAND (b. 1859, Robertson Co., TN; d. 1940, TX) m. Sarah Samuel Davis

               3.14 J. Gustavos ENGLAND (b. 1863, Guadalupe Co., TX; d. TX)  m. Becky Davis.  Becky Davis was the
                       sister of Molly Davis (wife of Davis Petway England) and Sarah Samuel Davis (wife of George
                       Boyd England).

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