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Descendants of

1.1  JOHN FLEECE (b. 3-17-1784, Morgan Co., VA; d. 1-15-1874, Morgan Co., VA; buried Duckwall Family
        Cemetery, Morgan Co., VA) m. MARY A. FLINN (b. 1790, DE)

       The Dyches were early founders of the Berkeley Springs, VA (WV) area; Rev. War service. Berkeley
        Springs was originally called Bath. It was incorporated in 1776 by Revolutionary Virginia House of
        Burgesses and lots were laid out in 1777. Two of the original purchasers included George
         Washington and Nicholas Fleece.

        1830, Census, Morgan Co., VA, p. 116, shows John Fleece

        1850 Census, Morgan Co., WV, Mary Flinn Fleece, age 60, living with son
Joseph D. Fleece (age 22) born in Morgan Co.

        2.1  John Wesley FLEECE FLINN (b. 5-21-1823, Berkeley Springs, Morgan Co., (W)VA) m. (1) 1849, Scioto
                Co., OH, Elizabeth Henderson (d. 1853, Pickway Co., OH); m. (2) 7-16-1854, Catherine Fuls. 
                John Wesley Flinn took his mother's maiden name as his last name.  He went to Ohio in
                 1847 and settled in Scioto Co., OH.  After his marriage to Catherine Fuls, they moved to
                Lynn Twp. in 1859 and purchased 100 acres.

        2.2  JOSEPH DEMMIT FLEECE (b. 3-30-1827, Morgan Co., (W)VA; d. 3-1-1898) m. 11-25-1851, Bath
          District, Morgan Co., WV,  RACHEL DYCHE (b. 1833, Berkeley Springs, Bath District, Morgan
               Co., (W)VA; d. 11-8-1899, McDonald, Hardin Co., OH), daughter of WILLIAM PETER DYCHE and
                (See FLEECE NOTES)

               3.1  Emily Frances FLEECE (b. 1-29-1853, (W)VA) m. 11-11-1869, George Washington Fitzpatrick

               3.2  Catherine FLEECE (b. ca 1854, (W)VA; d. bef 1860, (W)VA)

               3.3  William A. FLEECE (b. ca 1856, (W)VA)

               3.4  CHARLES PETER FLEECE (b. 9-8-1857, Morgan Co., (W)VA; d. 1941) m. 4-10-1879, Logan Co.,
                OH, SARAH JANE TRIMBLE (b. 7-18-1859, OH; d. 2-22-1920; buried Fairview-McDonald
                  Cemetery), daughter of WILLIAM TRIMBLE and MARY ANN PATTERSON.   Charles
                        Fleece was a farmer.  They moved to Hardin Co., OH, in 1864.

                      1880 Census - Hardin Co., OH, #192A, Dwelling #241
                       Charles Fleece     age 22      farmer  b. VA,      parents b. VA
                       Sarah J. Fleece     age 20                      b. OH       father b. Ireland; mother b. OH
                       Mary E. Fleece       age 1/12                  b. June, OH

                       When Sarah Trimble was a little girl her job used to be to go to the creek or well and get
                        water in the morning. One morning an Indian appeared and she shared her water with
                       him. At a later date, a deer was found hanging in a nearby tree, a supposed gift from the
                       Indian for her thoughtfulness.

                      4.1 Mary Elberta FLEECE (b. 6-10-1880; d. 12-17-1917) m. 8-16-1905, Otto William Musser
                            (b. 2-19-1878; d. 10-6-1920)

                      4.2  Demmit FLEECE (b. 1882)

                      4.3  Lulu FLEECE (b. 5-18-1884; d. 5-1979) m. George Wesley Butcher (b. 2-14-1874; d.
                             6-25-1954; buried McDonald-Fairview Cemetery)

                      4.4  Carrie FLEECE (b. 5-18-1886; d. 7-1947; buried Springbrook Cemetery, Seneca Falls,
                              NY) m. Grover Brown (b. 9-9-1884; d. 8-19-1947; buried Springbrook Cemetery, Seneca
                              Falls, NY)

                      4.5  RACHEL INEZ FLEECE (b. 7-22-1888; d. 3-16-1983, Kenton, Hardin Co., OH) m. ca 1906,
                             OH, DUDLEY HARRIS RALSTON (b. 11-16-1878, Nevada, Wyandot, OH; d. 6-1957; buried
                              McDonald-Fairview Cemetery), son of JOSEPH ABNER RALSTON and SARAH UNKNOWN
                              (For children, see DUDLEY HARRIS RALSTON, SR)

                      4.6  Charles Edward FLEECE (b. 9-14-1890; d. 10-19-1940; buried Grove Cemetery, Kenton,
                              OH) m. (1) Leila Overely; m. (2) Erma Ella Strahm (d. 1930)

                      4.7   Otis FLEECE (b. 2-21-1892; d. 11-29-1974) m. Hazel McGinnis (b. 4-11-1892; buried
                        Collins Cemetery, Collins, OH)

                      4.8  Adella E. FLEECE (b. 4-30-1896; d. 10-21-1969) m. 3-17-1915, Ralph A. Hesser (b. 8-15-1892;
                             d. 1-21-1982)

                      4.9  Anna Bell FLEECE (b. 3-26-1899; d. 12-8-1922; buried Fairview-McDonald Cemetery)

                      4.10 Ira FLEECE (b. 12-19-1900; d. 2-28-1981; buried Roundhead Cemetery) m. 3-8-1923,
                              Claribel Alverna McMillen (b. 2-7-1904; d. 2-22-1990)

                3.5  J. Albert FLEECE (b. 10-1859, (W)VA; d. 4-24-1939; buried Roundhead Cemetery, Belle Center,
                        OH) m. 11-27-1889, Rosa A. Shaffer


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