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KEMP Family

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Descendants of

1.1  ISAAC KEMP (b. ca 1755) m. SARAH (Sally) UNKNOWN (b. ca 1765)

       Isaac Kemp served in the Rev. War from New Berne District, Craven Co., NC.
       He is shown on the 1790 Census, Craven Co., 1790 with wife Sarah, 2 sons under 16 and 1 daughter
      (age unknown)

       2.1  (son) (b. ca 1785)

       2.2  (son) (b. ca 1787)

       2.3  Elizabeth KEMP (b. ca 1789) m. 1-10-1809, Craven Co., NC, AbnerGatlin

       2.4  JOHN C. KEMP (b. 1795, Craven Co., NC; d. 1882, Clarke Co., MS) m. 4-23-1814, Craven Co., NC, ANNA ROWE
              (b. 3-13-1797, Craven Co., NC; d. aft. 1870, MS), daughter of JOSHUA ROWE II and SARAH RIGBEY
              (See CENSUS RECORD - 1850)

              Records for the War of 1812 list JOHN KEMP (#83) from Craven Co., NC.  He was 17 at the time.

              1830 Census, Craven Co., NC
              John C. Kemp with wife Anna
              2 sons between 10 and 15
              daughter (Susan) age 12
              daughter (Rebecca) age 5-10
              son (John W. Kemp) age 7
              son under 5 and daughter (Sarah) age 1

              About 1831 they moved to Clarke Co., MS

              3.1 (son) (b. ca 1816)

              3.2 (son) (b. ca 1818)

              3.3 Susan Ann KEMP (b. 4-23-1818, NC; d. 1-29-1895, Stephens Co., Indian Terr., OK) m. 6-21-1836, Henry
                     Mortimer McGrew (b. 6-9-1817, Al; d. 8-19-1876, Clarke Co., MS)

                    4.1 James Alexander McGrew (b. 1839) m. Lavina Elizabeth Hurst Moss (b. 1839, MS)

                          5.1 Susan Charlotte McGrew (b.1868) m. Unknown Wright

                                6.1 Maggie Wright married Unknown Fowler.  (The names of their first nine children are unknown)

                                      7.1 Clara Ann Fowler (stage name: Patti Page)

                    4.2 Sarah Elizabeth McGrew m. Ransom Buckalew (b. 1842, MS;  d. Civil War; m. (2) Benjamin Long
                          (uncle of Ruth Malinda Long)

                    4.3 John Lewis McGrew (b. 3-3-1845, Mobile, AL; d. 8-15-1926, Nocona, TX) m. 11-1866, Choctaw Co., AL,
                          Ruth Malinda Long  (b. 3-7-1848, Sumter Co., AL; d. 10-3-1888, Winn Parish, LA);
                          m. (2) Cynthia Jane Owens Husbands

                          5.1 Charles Crawford McGrew (b. 12-4-1885, Winn Parish, LA; d. 10-16-1965, Harrison, AR) m. 2-12-1912,
                                San Angelo, TX, Emma May Alley (b. 9-6-1884, Henry Co., TN; d. 1-2-1972, Harrison, AR)

                                6.1 Esther Evelyn McGrew (b. -9-1915, Nocona, TX) m. 7-3-1936, San Antonio, TX, James Elton Hardin

                          5.2 William McGrew (d. near Clovis, NM)

                                6.1 Ray McGrew (d. 8-1986, Raleigh, NC) Methodist minister

                    4.4 Ann Eliza McGrew m. Ebenezer Jackson Long, lived near Stafford Springs, MS

                    4.5 David Rowe McGrew m. Caroline Grantham

                    4.6 Eli McGrew (b. 1848, MS; d. NM) (deaf and dumb from scarlet fever) lived near William McGrew in
                          Clovis, NM

                    4.7 Susan McGrew (b. 1854, MS; d. NM) m. Unknown Cox, Civil War veteran

                    4.8 Mary Francis (Fannie) McGrew m. Elijah Boykin, lived in Clarke, MS, Choctaw, AL, and spent
                          five years in the Indian Territory of OK

                    4.9 Ruth Virginia McGrew (b. 1864, MS) m. Lon White

                          5.1 Laura White married Unknown Cates

              3.4  Rebecca KEMP (b. ca 1821)

              3.5  JOHN WASHINGTON KEMP (b. 1-22-1823, NC;. d. 6-4-1890, Jasper Co., MS) m. 2-19-1850, MS,
                    SARAH EMILINE HERRINGTON (b. 3-14-1829, MS; d. 4-27-1912, MS), daughter of WILLIAM
                    HERRINGTON, JR. and CYNTHIA GRANTHAM  (See PHOTO)

                    They are buried at Ebenezer Baptist Church cemetery about  five miles from the old family home,
                    Jasper Co., MS.  John W. Kemp served on the County Board of Education in 1848, Clarke Co., MS. 
                    In 1849/50, he purchased $2,000 worth of supplies from his father, John C. Kemp, including wagons,
                    horses, and equipment.

                    4.1 Alanzo Joshua KEMP (b. 5-8-1852, MS; d. 3-30-1884, MS,  buried Ebenezer Baptist Church cemetery,
                         Jasper Co.,  MS) m. 12-2-1874, Cemilla Veach

                    4.2 Ansonetta KEMP (b. 4-2-1854, MS; d. 1934, MS, buried Ebenezer Baptist Church cemetery, Jasper
                          Co., MS) m. 8-4-1875, Thomas R. Nix (b. 1852)

                          5.1 Arabelle Nix (b. 1876, MS; d. 1941, MS) m. MS, Lawrence Lovell Herrington

                    4.3 Alford Gorday KEMP (b. 4-15-1859, MS) m. ca 1882, Mattie Unknown (b. 4-1860, AR)

                          The 1900 US Census of Jasper Co., MS, states there were 2 additional children born but died
                          before 1900)

                          5.1 Annie KEMP (b. 2-1886, AR)

                          5.2 Charles KEMP (b. 11-1888, AR)

                          5.3 Jessie KEMP (b. 6-1891, AR)

                          5.4 John KEMP (b. 8-1898, MS)

                    4.4 July Victoria KEMP (b. 10-8-1861, MS) m. 11-8-1895, Charles E. Nix

                    4.5  Laura Ann KEMP (b. 12-4-1864, MS; d. 3-31-1945, Jasper  Co., MS) m. 12-16-1880, William A. Wheeler
                           (b. 8-18-1857, Jasper Co., MS; d. 1-9-1943, Jasper Co., MS, buried Heidelberg Cemetery, Jasper Co.,

                           5.1 Minnie Wheeler m. Jonas Patrick

                                6.1 Kerney Patrick

                                6.2 Nora Patrick m. Owens Ulmer

                           5.2 Millie Wheeler m. Unknown McCraw

                           5.3 Margaret Wheeler (b. ca 1885, Jasper Co., MS)

                           5.4 Oscar T. Wheeler (b. ca 1887, Jasper Co., MS) m. Lassiter L. Crown

                           5.5 Rastus Wheeler (b. ca 1890, Jasper Co., MS)  m. Bytha Simes

                                6.1 Gilbert Wheeler m. Doris McDonald

                                6.2 Franklin Wheeler

                                6.3 Wynema Wheeler

                           5.6 Claude Wheeler (b. ca 1892, Jasper Co., MS)  m. Bessie Rodgers

                                6.1 Edwin Wheeler

                                6.2 Bill Wheeler

                                6.3 Ruth Wheeler

                                6.4 Ray Wheeler

                                6.5 Doris Wheeler

                           5.7 Clide Wheeler (b. ca 1894, Jasper Co., MS)

                           5.8 William Lowry Wheeler (b. 4-6-1897, Jasper Co., MS; d. 6-10-1974) m. Willie Buchanan

                                6.1 R.L. Wheeler

                           5.9 Longino Wheeler (b. 12-18-1899, Jasper Co., MS; d. 6-6-1900, Jasper Co., MS, buried Ebenezer
                                 Baptist   Church cemetery, Jasper Co., MS)

                           5.10 Ola Mae Wheeler (b. ca 1901, Jasper Co., MS)

                           5.11 Bessie Wheeler (b. 12-31`-1904) m. Julian (Doc) Ratcliffe

                                   6.1 J.B. Ratcliffe (d. 7-24-1984) m. Christine Unknown

                                        7.1 Julian Ratcliffe m. Jolene Unknown

                                              8.1 Jason Ratcliffe

                                              8.2 Julie Ratcliffe

                           5.12 Edna Wheeler m. (1) Joseph Blue

                                  6.1  Marion Blue (deceased)

                                  Edna Wheeler m. (2) Unknown Mather

                    4.6 Dora (LeDary) KEMP (b. 10-4-1866, Heidelberg, Jasper Co.,  MS; d. 2-1-1926, Heidelberg, Jasper Co., MS)
                           m. 11-27-1887, Jasper Co., MS, 11-27-1887, William Darius Andrews (b. 9-28-1865, Heidelberg, Jasper
                          Co., MS; d. 1-2-1939, Heidelberg, Jasper Co., MS), son of Joseph Columbus Andrews and Ann
                           McCurdy.  Dora and William are buried at Ebenezer Baptist Church cemetery, Jasper Co., MS. 
                          (See PHOTO)

                          The census records identify Dora as "C. Dora" which is probably "Sedora".  The 1870 census lists
                          her as "Sadory" and the Kemp Bible names her as "LeDary"

                          5.1  Verna Estelle Andrews (b. 9-3-1888, Heidelberg, Jasper Co., MS; d. 4-1-1965, MS) m. 1905, Jasper
                                 Co., MS, Andrew J. "Chunk" McCurdy (b. 1-12-1883, Jasper Co., MS; d. 3-16-1950, MS, buried
                                 Corinth Cemetery, Jasper Co., MS)

                                 6.1 Quida May McCurdy (b. ca 1906, Jasper Co., MS)

                                 6.2 William McCurdy (b. Jasper Co., MS)

                                 6.3 Ernest Earl McCurdy (b. Jasper Co., MS)

                                 6.4 Fay M. (Turkey) McCurdy (b. 7-10-1923, Jasper Co., MS; d. 2-18-1983, buried Corinth Cemetery,
                                       Jasper Co., MS) m. Pauline Hall.  Fay McCurdy was a PFC, WWII, 64th Gen. Hosptial.

                                 6.5 Clinton McCurdy

                          5.2 William Ernest Andrews (b. 8-14-1891, Heidelberg, Jasper Co., MS; d. 11-1965, MS) m. 1923,
                                Artie C. Holley

                                6.1 William Andrews (b. 5-13-1924, MS; d. 1-1986)

                                6.2 Jack Andrews

                          5.3  Earl Kemp Andrews (b. 6-10-1898, Heidelberg, Jasper Co., MS, Walla Walla, WA) m. (1) 1-8-1923,
                                 El Centro, Imperial Co., CA, Elsie Belle Self (b. 7-21-1902, Hamilton, TX; d. 3-18-1974, Alameda, CA),
                                 daughter of Columbus Andrew Self and Zellie Vina Lewis; divorced 1937

                                 6.1 Joseph Earl Andrews m. Eleanor Chamberlain

                                 6.2 Ray Kenneth Andrews m. (1) Marion Burgess; m. (2) Noel Dimuth Clark

                                 6.3 Lois Andrews m. James Connard Thompson

                                 6.4 Ronald Andrews m. (1) Diane Eggleston; m. (2) Nancy Rella Perkins

                                 Earl Kemp Andrews m. (2) Catherine A. Jiles

                          5.4   Adrian Dredmond Andrews (b. 1-14-1902, Heidelberg, Jasper Co., MS; d. 1-29-1954, MS) m.
                                  7-22-1925, Eva Myric

                                 6.1 Latrell Andrews (d. 19__)

                                       7.1 Larry Andrews m. Beebe Unknown

                          5.5   John (Jack) Farish Andrews (b. 11-14-1904, Heidelberg, Jasper Co., MS; d. 6-20-1979, Contra
                                  Costa, CA) m. Rose Guargna (d. childbirth)

                                 6.1 Donald Andrews

                                 John (Jack) Farish Andrews m. (2) 5-21-1942, Dorothy Sophia Sharkey

                                 6.2 Unknown Andrews (daughter)

                          5.6  Dora (Dot) Andrews (b. 2-21-1909, Heidelberg, Jasper Co., MS; d. 6-1996, MS) (twin) m. (1) 8-6-1925,
                                 MS, Tillman Rowell (b. 5-16-1905, Jasper Co., MS; d. 3-30-1984; buried Corinth Cemetery, Jasper Co.,

                                 6.1 Willie Joseph Rowell

                                 6.2 Winford Rowell (b. 1932, MS; d. 1948, MS,
                                       motorbike accident)

                                 Dora Andrews m. (2) George W. McClamrock

                          5.7 Wilma Andrews (b. 2-21-1909, Heidelberg, Jasper Co., MS; d. 9-11-1911, Heidelberg, Jasper Co., MS)

                          5.8 John Kemp Andrews (b. 2-16-1912, Heidelberg, Jasper Co., MS; d. 10-14-1987, Oakland, Alameda Co.,
                                CA) m. 1-1936, Ida Mae Morgan.  He was called Kemp.

                                6.1 Tyler Andrews

                                6.2 Stephanie Andrews

                    4.7 Marget Llynn KEMP (b. 6-29-1870)

                    4.8 JOHN PERRY KEMP (b. 5-15-1874, Jasper Co., MS; d. 6-9-1952,  Laurel, Jones Co., MS) m. (1) 1-13-1896,
                          Jasper Co., MS, Sara Ann Glover (d. 2-1905, MS) (See PHOTO)

                          5.1  Gusie Ada KEMP (b. 11-20-1897, MS; d. infant)

                          5.2  Rebecca Clayton KEMP (b.12-23-1899, MS) m. 4-1-1918 James Calvin Hancock (See PHOTO)

                                 6.1  Annie Mae Hancock (b. private) m. 5-21-1936 Doyle Wallace (b. 6-20-1914; d. 1986) (See PHOTO)

                                 6.2  John Calvin Hancock (b. 3-5-1921; d. ca 1995) m.  Mertise J. Peloquin (See PHOTO)

                          5.3   Sarah EmmaLine KEMP (b. 4-5-1902, MS) m. 4-1-1918 William J. Bankston (See PHOTO)

                                  6.1  W.D. (Jack) Bankston m. 3-1953 Mary Tanner

                                  6.2  Billie Frances Bankston m. (1) 1948 John Earl Gandy (d. 1950, Korean War); m. (2) Kent Bryant

                                  6.3  Bonnie Jean Bankston m. Felman (Tex) Sorsby

                                  6.4   John Thomas Bankston m. 8-11-1956 Marvel Sue Ingram

                          5.4  Robert Harmon KEMP (b. 11-28-1904, MS; d. 12-25-1974) m. 11-27-1936 Myrtis Thornton (b. 8-13-1913)
                                 (See PHOTO)

                                 6.1  Terry Robert KEMP m. Cassie Jones

                                 6.2  James Pat KEMP m. Rita Dianne Dinker

                          JOHN PERRY KEMP m. (2) ca 9-1905, MS, BERTHA MARIAH THORNTON (b. 1-11-1879, MS; d.
                          1-18-1928, Midland, Midland Co., TX), daughter of EMANUEL CLARK THORNTON and HATTIE VICTORIA   
                          MOORE (See PHOTO)

                          5.5  Henry Clay KEMP (b. 10-1906, Sylvarina, MS; d. 1967, MS) m. ca 1927, Edna Buffington (See PHOTO)

                                 6.1  Jimmy KEMP

                                 6.2  Ray KEMP

                                 6.3  Gene KEMP

                                 6.4  Unknown KEMP

                          5.6  Carl Bryant KEMP (b. 7-23-1908, Sylvarina, MS; d. 12-21-1968, New Orleans, LA) (twin) m. 3-15-1933,
                                 San Saba, TX, Carl Margarette Mooney (b. ca 1918) (See PHOTO)

                                 6.1  Glenn Lafayette KEMP (b. 8-21-1934) m. 8-14-1954, Terry, MS, Doris Mae Champion

                                 6.2  Catherine Beatrice KEMP (b. 1-5-1938, Hamilton, TX) m. 12-21-1956, Crosby, TX, Aubrey Vern

                                 6.3  Carl Adrian KEMP (b. 1-20-1950) m. 7-13-1973, Katherine Marie Redding

                          5.7 Earl Taft KEMP (b. 7-23-1908, Sylvarina, MS; d. 6-20-1974, Vernon, TX) m. (1) Malda Gray (See PHOTO)

                                6.1  Johnny Earl KEMP (b. 10-17-1939; d. 8-15-1965, Tom River, NJ) m. (1) Morretta Unknown; m. (2)
                                       1959, Barbara Beattie

                                Earl Taft KEMP m. (2) 1-4-1940, Vernon, TX, Louise K. Scott  (b. 8-2-1923; d. 1995, TX)

                                6.2  Earlene KEMP (b. 7-23-1941) m. 8-8-1957, Rudy Ostovich (b. 6-24-1938, WS)

                                6.3   Shirley KEMP (b. 9-29-1943, Vernon, TX) m. (1) 6-1967, Gary L. Clifton; m. (2) 11-1983, Michael
                                        Marcario (b. Italy)

                                6.4   Linda KEMP (b. 9-19-1947, Midland, Midland Co., TX) m. 5-10-1972, Jim Fields (b. 12-22-1950,
                                        Vernon, TX)

                                6.5   Delton Earl KEMP (b. 5-16-1950, Midland, Midland Co., TX) m. (1) 8-23-1976, Carol McDonald; m. (2)
                                        1-1-1986, Shelly Jones (b. Tulsa, OK)

                          5.8  Leman (Hamp) James KEMP (b. 9-1-1911, Sylvarina, MS; d. 3-1944, WWII) (See PHOTO)

                          5.9  Ruth Victoria KEMP (b. 4-9-1914, Sylvarina, MS) m. 1-17-1931, Virgil Lee Eaton (b. 8-19-1910;
                                 d. 4-14-1984, Colorado City, TX) (See PHOTO)

                                 6.1   Ruby Katherine Eaton (b. 1-22-1933, Midland, Midland Co., TX) m. (1) 6-12-1953, TX, Billy Ray
                                         Jackson (b. 11-10-1930; d. 7-18-1978, Lubbock, TX); m. (2) Buddy Moore

                          5.10 Hattie Jewel KEMP (b. 3-26-1916, Sylvarina, MS; d.  5-1997, TX) m. 11-30-1935, James Phillips 
                                 (See PHOTO)

                                 6.1    Betty June Phillips m. Harold Graves                      

                          5.11 Annie Myrtle KEMP m. LaDell Ellis (See PHOTO

                                 6.1    Jerry Pat Ellis (b. 1-25-1938; d. 4-9-1944, drowned) (See PHOTO)

                                 6.2    Barbara Ann Ellis

                                 6.3    Laura Janette Ellis  m. Lynn Wayne Wyatt, Jr.

                                 6.4    Johnny Ladell Ellis m. Doris Unknown

                          5.12 Verna Lucille KEMP (b. 4-9-1920, Sylvarina, MS; d. 6-__-2000, New Orleans, LA) 
                                 (See PHOTO

                                 6.1    Gerald KEMP (adopted by Clarence and Leona Thornton

                          5.13  (son) (b. 1922, MS; d. 1922, MS)

                          5.14  ETHEL LOUELLA KEMP (b. 6-20-1924, Soso, Jones Co., MS; d. 10-10-2000, Hobbs, NM)
                                   m.  MONTA RAY LACEY b. 4-1-1918, Ft. Worth, TX;  d. 9-27-1986, Hobbs, Lea Co., NM),
                                   son of DAVID  (Jack) CLAYTON LACEY and FANNIE BYRD VAUGHAN (For children,
                                    see MONTA RAY LACEY) (See PHOTO)

                          5.15  (son) (b. 1926; d. 1927, age 6 months)

               3.6 (son) (b. ca 1826)

               3.7 Sarah KEMP (b. 1829, NC) m. Robert Lovett (Lovit) (b. 1835, NC; d. bef. 1870)

                     4.1   David Lovett (b. 1863, MS)

                     4.2   Lucretia Lovett (b. 1867, MS)

               3.8  David R. KEMP (b. 1832, MS) m. 2-30-1856, Clarke Co., MS,  Kesiah Ann Finlay

               3.9   Hannah KEMP (b. 1835, MS)

              3.10  Elizabeth KEMP (b. 1837, MS)

              3.11  Lucretia KEMP (b. 1840, MS) m. Clarke Co., MS, James W. Hurst  (b. 1840, MS)

                      4.1  A.E. Hurst (b. 1860, MS)

              3.12  Thomas KEMP (b. 1843, MS)  

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