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LACEY Family

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Descendants of

1.1  WILLIAM (Lasie) LACY (b. ca 1607, England) m. SUSAN UNKNOWN.  They came to Virginia on the
        "Southampton" in 1624 and had a home on
James Island.

      2.1 WILLIAM LACY II (b. ca 1627, VA) In 1656 he patented land in New Kent Co., VA, for transporting
            immigrants to the colonies.

            3.1 William LACY III (b. ca 1648)

            3.2 THOMAS LACY (b. ca 1650, VA; d. New Kent Co., VA) m. PHOEBE RICE (b. 1662), daughter of
               THOMAS RICE and MARY KING.

                   4.1 THOMAS LACY II (b. ca 1683, New Kent Co., VA; d. Hanover Co., VA) m. ca 1704, New Kent
                        Co., VA, ANN BURNLEY (b. ca 1689), daughter of THOMAS BURNLEY.

                         5.1 Stephen LACY (b. ca 1705)

                         5.2 Thomas LACY III (b. ca 1707)

                         5.3 William LACY (b. 1713)

                         5.4 Nathaniel LACY (b. ca 1715)

                         5.5 ELLIOTT LACY (b. ca 1720, VA; d. 11-20-1777) m. ca 1760, LOIS BROWN (b. ca 1740)

                               6.1  Elliot LACY, Jr., (b. ca 1759, VA, poss. Buckingham Co.; d. Rev. War)

                               6.2  Nathaniel LACY (b. ca 1761, VA; poss. Buckingham Co.; d. aft. 1820, Gallatin Co., IL)
                                        m. Amy Barker (b. ca 1761)

                               6.3  Burley LACY (b. ca 1763, VA; poss. Buckingham Co.; d. aft 1830, Wayne Co., IL) m. 9-2-1786,
                                      Bedford Co., VA, Judith BROWN (b. Bedford Co., VA)

                                      7.1 Katherine LACY (b. ca 1790)

                                      7.2 Burley LACY, Jr. (b. ca 1792, VA; d. 1825, Logan Co., KY) m. 9-13-1813, Logan Co., KY,
                                            Mary (Polly) Rome

                                            8.1     Burley LACY III (b. ca 1814)

                                            8.2     Kaner LACY (b. ca 1815)

                                            8.3     Thyrem LACY (b. ca 1816)

                                            8.4     Nathaniel LACY (b. ca 1817)

                                            8.5     Jacob R. LACY (b. ca 1818)

                                            8.6     Mary LACY (b. ca 1819)

                                            8.7     Buford LACY

                                            8.8     Elizabeth LACY (b. ca 1822)

                                            8.9     Deliah Jane LACY (b. 8-27-1825)

                                      7.3 Mary (Polly) LACY (b. ca 1793) m. 8-17-1809, Warren Co., KY, Josiah Chambers

                                      7.4 Elliott LACY (b. ca 1794, KY; d. aft. 1850) m. Sarah Unknown (d. aft 1850)

                                      7.5  Elkanah (Kaner) LACY (b. ca 1795)

                                      7.6  Hannah LACY (b. ca 1796, VA) m. 1-16-1816, Warren Co., KY, John Rames

                                      7.7  Linel (Lionel) LACY (b. 1802; d. aft 1860) m. Martha Unknown

                               6.4 LIONEL LACY (b. 1765, VA; prob. Buckingham Co.; d. 6-1-1816, St. Clair Co., IL) m. ca 1789,
                                    French Broad River, TN, ANN RANKIN (b.1765, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 5-6-1837, St. Clair Co.,
                                    IL), daughter of THOMAS RANKIN and ISABELLA CLENDENIN.  (See LIONEL LACY below
                                     for descendants)

                               6.5  Elkanah (Kaner) LACY (b. VA) m. Unknown Brown

                               6.6  Katherine LACY (b. VA) m. 1780, George Hubbard (d. bef. 1820)

                               6.7   Elizabeth LACY (b. VA) m. Elisha Baldwin

                               6.8   Mary LACY (b. Livingston Co., KY) m. William Baldwin

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6.4 LIONEL LACY (b. 1765, VA; prob. Buckingham Co.; d. 6-1-1816, St. Clair Co., IL) m. ca 1789, French Broad River,
      TN, ANN RANKIN (b. 1765, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 5-6-1837, St. Clair Co., IL), daughter of THOMAS

      7.1 John LACEY (b. 10-23-1791, Nashville, TN; d. 11-11-1862, St. Clair Co., IL) m. 9-24-1818, St. Clair Co., IL,
      Lydia Primm (b. 7-31-1801; d. 1-13-1865, St. Clair Co., IL)

            8.1 Mary LACEY (b. 11-17-1821, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 8-17-1826, St. Clair Co., IL)

            8.2  Harrison LACEY (b. 5-28-1824, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 8-24-1826, St. Clair Co., IL)

           8.3  John Hansbrough LACEY (b. 10-3-1838, St. Clair co., IL; d. 4-14-1891, St. Louis, MO) m. 11-20-1860, St.
         Clair Co., IL, Salinda Goodner (b. 4-28-1841, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 11-10-1886, St. Louis, MO)

      7.2 Stephen LACEY (b. 1793, TN; d. 3-15-1821, St. Clair Co., IL; drowned while crossing a river at night) m.
            3-3-1817, St. Clair Co., IL, Elizabeth Primm (b. 5-26-1793, Stafford Co., VA; d. 11-28-1880, St. Clair Co., IL)

      7.3  Caleb LACEY (b. 1795, TN; d. AR) m. 8-26-1819, St. Clair Co., IL, Elizabeth Campbell Johnston (b. Williamson
            Co., TN)

      7.4   Joshua LACEY (b. 1-5-1798, Cumberland Settlements, TN; d. 6-17-1858, St. Clair Co., IL; buried Old Union                  Cemetery, Lincoln, IL) m. 4-15-1824, Centerville, IL, Malinda Gooding (b. 11-4-1804, Fleming Co., KY;
               d. 9-20-1885, Ashley, IL)   (See LACEY NOTES)

               8.1 Anne LACEY (b. 2-2-1826, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 12-5-1884, St. Clair Co., IL)

              8.2 Thomas Benton LACEY (b. 2-17-1827, St. Clair Co., IL; d.  9-14-1901, Jefferson Co., IL)

              8.3 James Rankin LACEY (b. 10-11-1829, High Prairie, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 6-7-1886, McClellan Twp.,
                    Jefferson Co., IL)

              8.4  Robert Scott LACEY (b. ca 1831, St. Clair Co., IL)

              8.5 Amos Thompson LACEY (b. 9-1-1834, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 10-23-1912, Jefferson Co., IL)

              8.6  Lucinda Harrison LACEY (b. 9-11-1836, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 10-24-1858, St. Clair Co., IL)

              8.7  Margaret Malinda LACEY (b. 1839, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 3-1851, St. Clair Co., IL)

              8.8  Martha Elizabeth LACEY (b. 10-5-1841, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 4-22-1879, Ashley, Washington Co., IL)

              8.9  Cynthia Chapin LACEY (b. 2-25-1844, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 5-26-1910,  Kirksville, MO) m. 7-13-1882,
                     Ashley, IL, Henry Adolph Gros

              8.10 Pamelia Charles LACEY (b. 6-18-1847, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 3-20-1932, Ignacio, CO) m. 9-20-1878,
                       Independence, KS, Henry Carle Palmer

      7.5  Thomas LACEY (b. 2-9-1800, Holston Settlement, TN; d. 12-1879, Jefferson Co., IL) m. ca 1823, Jefferson
             Co., IL, Mary Lucinda Greathouse (d. 1848)

             8.1 Samuel LACEY (b. 4-13-1825, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 11-18-1909, Mt. Vernon, IL; buried in West Salem
                   church cemetery)

             8.2  Caleb Joshua LACEY (b. ca 1829)

             8.3  Mary Ann LACEY (b. ca 1832, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 10-1-1874, Madison Co., IL) m. 1856, Gersham P. Gillham
                    (b. 1828; d. 1875)

      7.6   James LACEY (b. 1802, Livingston Co., KY; d. 11-20-1866, St. Clair Co., IL) m. 1826, St. Louis, MO, Nancy
              Mosby Johnston (b. 1-16-1808, TN; d. 1-1858, St. Louis, MO)

              8.1 William Duncan LACEY (b. 7-25-1828, Monroe Co., IL; d. 1-1-1855, San Francisco, CA) m. 7-10-1852,
                    West Feleciana parish, LA, Margarete E. Clauss (b. 7-10-1824, Esslinger, Germany; d. 1-1-1908)

              8.2 Franklin LACEY (b. 4-12-1829, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 12-15-1864, Jefferson Co., IL) m. 12-2-1850, St. Louis,
                    MO, Anna Edwards (b. ca 1831, Ireland; d. 8-20-1901, St. Louis, MO)

              8.3 John Hardin LACEY (b. 3-3-1831, Monroe Co., IL; d. 6-4-1873, San Antonio, TX) m. 7-16-1853, Jefferson
                    Co., IL,  Mahala Elizabeth LACEY (b. 1834, IL; d. 1907, Greenee Co., AZ), daughter of ELIJAH LACEY and
                    RUTH McDONALD

              8.4 James LACEY (b. 8-15-1833, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 1865, IL) m. 9-13-1863, Jefferson Co., IL) m. Mary Ferguson

              8.5 Theopolius LACEY (b. 11-17-1835, Monroe Co., IL; d. 1-2-1863, Stone River, TN, killed in Civil War battle)

              8.6 Mary A. LACEY (b. 12-23-1837, Monroe Co., IL; d 5-4-1838)

              8.7 David LACEY (b. 1-8-1841, Monroe Co., IL; d. 7-5-1865, Centralia, IL) m. 1862, Lydia Moss (b. 11-9-1840;
                    d. 8-14-1893, St. Louis, MO)

              8.8 Caleb LACEY (b. 2-3-1842, Monroe Co., IL; d. 9-16-1845)

              8.9 Charles A. LACEY (b. 2-20-1843, Monroe Co., IL; d. in childhood)

              8.10 Anderson Bailey LACEY (b. ca 1845, Monroe Co., IL; d. 12-29-1864, Louisville, KY)

              8.11 Lewis Cass LACEY (b. ca 1847, Monroe Co., IL; d. 10-23-1879, Ft.  Stockton, TX)

      7.7 ELIJAH LACEY (b. 1804, Livingston Co., KY; d. 1885, IN) m. 8-21-1828, St. Clair Co., IL, RUTH McDONALD (b.
            4-2-1807, TN; d. 6-6-1877, Locke Hill Comm., Bexar Co., TX; buried Locke Hill Cemetery)

            8.1  ACIEL (Asa) PHELPS LACEY (b. 5-18-1830, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 5-4-1913, Asher, OK) m. 7-25-1849,
                   ROSANA ENGLAND (b. 4-23-1829, IL; d. 4-3-1906, Morris Ranch, Gillespie Co., TX), daughter of
                   WILLIAM ENGLAND and CLOAH PIKE 
                   (See LACEY NOTES)  (See PHOTO)  (See CENSUS RECORD - 1850)

                   9.1 Louanna Elizabeth LACEY (b. 10-3-1850, Jackson Co., IL; d. 8-8-1937, Harper,  TX) m.  7-25-1867,
               Gillispie Co., TX, William
                         Augustus McDonald (b. 5-30-1847, IL; d. 2-9-1918, Springcreek,
                         Gillespie Co., TX)

                    9.2 LOUIS MONROE LACEY (b. 8-8-1852, Kendall Co., IL; d. 11-14-1888, Alice, TX; lead poisoning) m.
                    11-24-1871, Kerr Co., TX, MARY ELIZABETH McGUIRE (b. 7-23-1849, LA; d. 1-31-1922, San Angelo,
                         TX; cancer of the throat), daughter of EUGENE McGUIRE (See PHOTO)

                          10.1  Louis Walter LACEY (b. 8-26-1872, Kendall Co., TX; d. 6-9-1955, Corpus Christi, TX) m. 5-30-1891,
                                  Fredricksburg,Gillespie Co., TX, Mary Lela Bell  (b. 7-8-1873, TX; d. 11-21-1944, San Antonio, TX)

                                   11.1 Alta LACEY (b. 1894; d. 1897)

                                   11.2 Ansil (Bean) McKinsie LACEY (b. 4-11-1895,  Fredricksburg, Gillespie Co., TX; d. 5-13-1977,
                                          Alice, TX) m. 1929, Jette Price

                                           12.1  Price A. LACEY (b. 8-25-1930)

                                           12.2  Quentin LACEY (b. 8-25-1932)

                                   11.3  Bertha Louise LACEY (b. 3-13-1891, Lampassas, TX; d. 10-4-1959, Kerrville, Kerr Co., TX)
                                       m. 1926, James W. Carey, Jr. (d. 4-1945)

                                            12.1   Jack W. Carey (b. 11-1-1926)

                                            12.2  Jimme Carey (b. 11-1-1926)

                                   11.4   Bateman Bell LACEY (b. 1-18-1901, Hobart, OK; d.  6-18-1979) m. 7-5-1935, Lula Z. Bryant

                                            12.1  Bateman Bell LACEY, Jr. (b. 12-21-1939)

                                            12.2  James Howard LACEY (b. 4-5-1942)

                                            12.3  Julia Selvy LACEY (b. 4-5-1942)

                                            12.4  Herbert Douglas LACEY (b. 9-20-1946)

                                   11.5   Katie Bell LACEY (b. 4-22-1904, Ballinger, Runnels Co., TX) m. 10-29-1932, Schertz,
                           Guadalupe Co., TX, Arthur Darling Zucht, Jr. (b. 10-3-1904, Little Rock, AR)

                                            12.1  Gay Diane Zucht (b. 8-31-1935)

                                            12.2  Arthur Darling Zucht III (b. 4-17-1937)

                                   11.6  Herbert Spencer LACEY (b. 7-27-1905, Winters, TX;  d. 2-12-1953, Alice, TX)

                                   11.7  Quentin Louis LACEY (b. 9-8-1907, Ballinger, Runnels Co., TX; d. 10-5-1963) m. Edith Roberta
                                           Adams (b. 5-9-1919)

                                           12.1  James David LACEY (b. 8-2-1939)

                                           12.2  John Brandon LACEY (b. 11-21-1942)

                                           12.3  Russell Gay Lacey (b. 10-1-1946)

                         10.2  Elizabeth M. LACEY (b. 10-1874, TX; d. 2-18-1904, AZ) m. Calvin Miller, who was a professor
                             and would not allow  her to have contact with her family after they moved to
                                 Arizona.  She died in childbirth and he did not let the family know for several months.

                                 11.1   Edward Miller (d. AZ, in a theatre fire as a young  man)

                                 11.2   Estella Miller

                                 11.3   Elizabeth Miller

                         10.3  Roxie Bell LACEY (b. 1-22-1877, TX; d. 12-9-1950, San Angelo, TX) m. 12-26-1897, John A.
                              Allison (d. bef. 1950)

                                  11.1   Elmer Allison (b. 10-1-1898, TX; d. 11-19-1941, TX; died in a plane crash)

                                  11.2   Everett R. Allison (b. 2-16-1901, TX; d. 1971, TX)

                                  11.3   George F. Allison (b. 10-9-1903, TX; d. 3-8-1950, TX)

                                  11.4   Mamie Sue Allison (b. 11-10-1907, TX; d. 1974, San Angelo, TX) m. Hank Walker

                                  11.5   John Louis Allison (b. 8-11-1909, TX; d. 5-5-1959, TX)

                                  11.6   Ruby Allison (b. 1-14-1911, TX; d. 1-13-1981, Mapleton, KS)

                                  11.7   Willard Allison (b. 1-22-1913, TX; d. 9-9-1927, TX; died when a horse fell on him)

                          10.4  MacNeville (Nevy) LACEY (b. 4-27-1879, TX; d. 5-5-1935, San Angelo, TX) m. (1) Josephine Witt 
                         (See PHOTO)

                                   11.1   Gladys Lorene LACEY (b. 1-13-1910)

                                   MacNeville (Nevy) LACEY m. (2) ca 1921, Mary Melinda Dykes Terrell (b. 3-18-1892; d. 3-14-1943)

                                   11.2   Mary Lee LACEY (private)

                                   11.3   Myrle Nevelle LACEY (private)

                                   11.4   Marge Nell LACEY (private)

                                   11.5   William Clayton LACEY (private)

                          10.5   DAVID (Jack) CLAYTON LACEY (b. 6-29-1888, Fredricksburg, Gillespie Co., TX; d.  4-25-1943,
                                   San Angelo, Tom Green Co., TX; pulmonary TB)  m. (1) 8-27-1905, Winters, TX,
                     FANNIE BYRD VAUGHAN (b. 8-23-1890, Travis Co., TX; d. 4-16-1976, Odessa,
 Ector Co., TX; liver cancer) (See PHOTO)

                                    11.1  Wynonah LACEY (b. private) m. (1) 4-11-1936, San Antonio, TX, Claude Fowler (b. 7-17-1908,
                                       Tupelo, MS; d. 12-21-1946, San Antonio, TX); m. (2) 2-5-1949, San Antonio, TX, Edgar Hugo
                                             Zimmermann (b. 5-12-1912, Castroville, TX; d. 8-17-1983, San Antonio, TX)   (See PHOTO)

                                    11.2  Jack Clayton LACY (b. 1-30-1916, Abilene, TX; d. 5-30-1973, Big Spring, TX) m. (1)
                                        Ruth Unknown; m. (2) Eulabell Neighbors; m. (3) 1-17-1953, San Angelo, TX, Bonnie
                                             Unknown  (See PHOTO)

                                    11.3   MONTA RAY LACEY (b. 4-1-1918, Ft. Worth, TX; d. 9-27-1986, Hobbs, Lea Co., NM) m. 2-17-1940,
                                            Midland, TX, ETHEL LOUELLA KEMP (b. 6-20-1924, Soso, Jones Co., MS; d. 10-10-2000, Hobbs, NM),
                                            daughter of JOHN PERRY KEMP and BERTHA

                                             12.1 DOROTHY GAIL LACEY (b. private) m. ROBERT EUGENE LANDOLL, JR. (b. private),
                                                    son of ROBERT EUGENE LANDOLL, SR. and BETTY ANN HICKS; divorced 
                                               (For children, see ROBERT EUGENE LANDOLL, JR.) (See PHOTO)

                                             12.2  Kenneth Ray LACEY (b. private) m. Debra Rhodes (b. private); divorced (See PHOTO)

                                                      13.1 Cyndi LACEY (b. private) m. Brent Pipkins (b. private)

                                                              14.1 Alix Pipkins (b. private)

                                                              14.2 Levi Pipkins (b. private)

                                    11.4   Elton (Charlie) Lynn LACY (b. 8-12-1921, San Angelo, TX; d. 12-29-1990, TX) m. 8-4-1946,
                                         Stanton, TX, Jacqueline Danley (b. 2-14-1930, Forsan, TX; d. 12-7-1989,Odessa, TX)
                                              (See PHOTO)

                                     DAVID (Jack) CLAYTON LACEY m. (2) Jessie Unknown

                    9.3 Ruthy Lilian LACEY (b. 3-7-1854, TX; d. 1-19-1917, Mason, Mason Co., TX) m. 6-15-1873, Kendall Co.,
               TX, John William Alexander (b. 4-29-1846, Bellview, Iowa; d. 6-1900, Brady, TX)

                    9.4 Martha Melvina LACEY (b. 6-19-1856; d. 11-3-1857)

                   9.5 Cloy Cynthia LACEY (b. 3-26-1858, San Antonio, TX; d. 2-2-1919, Gillespie Co., TX;buried Hillcrest
                         Cem., Morris Ranch, TX) m. 4-22-1857, Fredericksburg,  Gillespie Co., TX, Abijah Lee (b.
                         11-1-1850, Monroe Co., TN; d. 2-2-1919, Gillespie Co., TX)

                   9.6  Samuel Houston LACEY (b. 9-9-1859; d. 9-30-1860)

                   9.7  Robert Elijah LACEY (b. 2-19-1863, Gillespie Co., TX; d. 10-27-1933, Berryville, AR) m. 8-2-1887,
                         Gillispie Co., TX, Emily Alice New (b. 1-24-1869, Gillespie Co., TX; d. 11-9-1956, Kerrville, Kerr Co., TX)

                   9.8   Benjamin Butler LACEY (b. 8-8-1866, Fredricksburg, TX; d. 4-22-1928) m. (1)  2-11-1887, Gillespie Co.,
                           TX, A. Nettie Taylor; m. 1896, San Antonio, TX,  Birdie Perry (b, 12-21-1869; d. 9-14-1953)

             8.2 Mahala Elizabeth LACEY (b. 1834, IL; d. 1907, Greenee Co., AZ) m. 7-16-1853, Jefferson Co., IL,
                   John Hardin LACEY (b. 3-3-1831, Monroe Co., IL; d. 6-4-1873, San Antonio, TX), son of John LACEY
                   and Nancy Mosby Johnson

             8.3 Lewis Madison LACEY (b. 10-17-1835, Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL; d. 7-21-1900, Locke Hill Community,
                   Bexar Co., TX) m. 3-7-1861, Margaret Lodridski Ann White (b. 1-23-1844, Texana, Jackson Co.,
                   TX; d. 4-16-1914, Bexar Co., TX)

                   9.1 William Madison LACEY (b. 1-23-1862, Locke Hill Community, Bexar Co., TX; d. 11-27-1900, San
                         Antonio, TX) m. 6-9-1891, San Antonio, TX, Elizabeth Isabel Gandine (b. 8-1872; d. 5-6-1953,
                         San Antonio, TX)

                   9.2  Elzada LACEY (b. 11-25-1865, Locke Hill Community, BexarCo., TX; d.10-25-1911)

                   9.3  Austin LACEY (b. 12-7-1867; d. 2-22-1884)

                   9.4  Phillip (Peter) Elijah LACEY (b. 5-1-1870, Locke Hill Community, Bexar Co., TX; d. 1-2-1937) m. Fannie
                          LaLone (b. 12-3-1876,  Lincoln Co., NM)

                   9.5 Theodisa L. LACEY (b. 12-17-1871, Locke Hill Community, Bexar Co., TX; d. 5-7-1910, Bexar Co., TX) m.
                          9-16-1901, Bexar Co., TX, Yancie MacDonald

                   9.6  Edmund L. LACEY (b. 9-18-1873, Locke Hill Community, Bexar Co., TX; d. 10-15-1873, Bexar Co., TX)

                   9.7  Elmer Jackson LACEY (b. 8-14-1874, Locke Hill Community, Bexar Co., TX; d.6-4-1919, San Antonio,
                         TX) m. 1916, Margie Sheehan

                   9.8  Victoria Mae LACEY (b. 4-24-1876, Locke Hill Community,Bexar Co., TX) m. 5-31-1899, San Antonio,
                          TX, J.H. Thompson (d. 8-4-1910, San Antonio, TX)

                   9.9  Conley Clifton LACEY (b. 12-16-1878, Locke Hill Community, Bexar Co., TX; d. 11-12-1956, San Antonio,
                          TX) m. 1-5-1905, San Antonio, TX, Willie Griffen (b.  4-10-1879; d. 5-30-1968)

                   9.10 Pearl Herbert LACEY (b. 7-25-1881, Locke Hill Community, Bexar Co., TX; d. 9-27-1941, San Angelo, TX;
                           cancer of the  throat) m. 3-31-1904, San Antonio, TX,   Pearl Shaw

                   9.11 Edward White Lacey (b. 2-21-1887, Locke Hill Community, Bexar Co., TX; d. 4-4-1887)

             8.4 Nancy Cynthia LACEY (b. 1838, IL) m. 1-13-1864, Gillispie Co., TX)

             8.5 Mary Matilda LACEY (b. ca 1840, IL; d. Hunt, Kerr Co., TX) m. 10-27-1855, Gillispie Co., TX, Morgan McDaniel

             8.6  Joshua Collins LACEY (b. 3-5-1842, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 1-26-1901, Texas Park, Lincoln Co., NM) m. 12-25-1867,
                     Gillispie Co., TX, Cloe Irena Elizabeth Fairchild

             8.7  Thomas Monroe LACEY (b. ca 1846) m. 1-24-1870, Gillespie Co., TX, Mary Jane Chesser

                     9.1  Tarry LACEY

                     9.2  Josephine LACEY (b. ca 1872)

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