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6.4    LIONEL LACY (b. 1765, VA; prob. Buckingham Co.; d. 6-1-1816, St. Clair Co., IL) m. ca 1789, French Broad River, TN, ANN RANKIN (b. 1765, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 5-6-1837, St. Clair Co., IL), daughter of THOMAS RANKIN and ISABELLA CLENDENIN.

Lionel was born about 1765, probably in Buckingham County where the family lived in 1761. The courthouse there burned in 1869 and all records were lost. He died on June 1, 1816, a Saturday, and was buried in a family cemetery on his plantation. Numerous family was buried here, including his wife, but no stones mark their graves. One family legend says that according to his wishes he was buried in his wedding suit.

There is one "Liner" Lacy who served in the Rev. War. (Aud. Acct. XXII, P. 79, "List of Rev. Soldiers of VA.", Dept. Archives and Hist.) but it assumed that this service record refers to a cousin - the son of Elkanah Lacy, Sr. - as he was older and Lionel would only have been in his early teens.

Sometime after the end of the Rev. War, possibly between 1786 and 1788, Lionel moved to eastern Tennessee, which at that time was known as the State of Franklin. He settled either in the Holston settlements or those on the French Broad River (now in Jefferson Co.), then both frontier communities with a frontier society. The eastern part of Tennessee was then a great hill-strewn valley covered in forests with numerous rivers. The first settlers were mainly from Botetourt, Augusta and Frederick Counties in Virginia, and Cumberland and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania and were for the most part Scots and Scots-Irish.

About 1789 he married Ann Rankin, the daughter of Thomas Rankin and Mary Isabelle Clendenin who were from Cumberland Co., PA. There is no record of their marriage in Jefferson, Green or adjoining counties. Many of the records were lost in various moves of the courthouse records. In some instances loose papers, among them marriage bonds, were used to start fires on cold winter mornings. Shortly after their marriage, they moved west 110 miles to the Cumberland settlements around Nashville, then a small collection of huts. Their travel was made with a group for their protection as bands of roving Indians were a constant threat.

Their first child, John, was born on October 23, 1791, near Nashville, TN. By 1793 they were back in the French Broad River area in Jefferson Co., where Stephen was born in 1793 and Caleb in 1795. Joshua was born on January 5, 1797, on the Red River, near Clarksville, in the Nashville area.

They used a barter system as shown by a scrape of paper which was preserved:

"I promise to pay or cause to be payed unto John nan Carrow one good second reate cow with calf on or before the first day of October next for value received of him, as witness my hand this 17th day of September 1798.
Test: William Mears                 Linel X Lacy

Lionel may have lived briefly in Warren Co., KY, or passed through there, but in 1800 he was living in Livingston Co., KY, as shown on the tax list that year. Nathaniel had lived there prior to this and Lionel may have learned something about the area from him. Lionel and his family lived there for the next seven years and three of his children were born there. No record of land purchases have been found to indicate he purchased any land in this area.

In May, 1807, they moved to St. Clair Co., IL, then a territory. They crossed the Ohio River either at Elizabethtown or Shawneetown. On June 1, 1807, they settled on land where the present town of Edwardsville now stands. A few years later they moved to High Prairie, about 8 miles southwest of the present town of Belleville and about two miles east of Millstadt. He received a federal grant of 320 acres after he settled on it and improved it. "Illinois Settlements from St. Clair County Records", states that Lionel Lacy settled on 320 acres August 15, 1814, and the land is described as "320 acres, Sec. 2, Twp. 1, South of Base LIne, Range 9 West of 3rd P.M., SW 1/4 and NE 1/4".

"Legislative Papers, 1814, Illinois" indicate that he served on the Grand Jury of Common Pleas, St. Clair Co., in 1814 for that term.

He built a log cabin on the land about 1813 or 1814, setting it back some distance from the Belleville-Centerville (Millstadt) road. He died on June 1, 1816, in the cabin at the approximate age of 51. Ann died 21 years later on May 8, 1837, at the home of their oldest son John.

Last Will and Testament of Lionel Lacey, recorded in St. Clair Co., IL, Bk. A, p.45, no. 42:

                                                      "In the presence of Almighty God, Amen.

I Linel Lacey being weak and low of body but sound of mind and knowing the uncertainty of human life do make this my last will and testament, for the disposal of my earthly concerns.

And first, to my sons, John Lacey and Stephen Lacey, I will and bequeath the Plantation and tract of land where upon I now live in equal parts between them. But my loving wife, Ann Lacey, is to have and to hold her Rights of Dower in and to said land during her natural life unless she marries.

Secondly, to my son, Caleb Lacey, I will and bequeath one cow.

Thirdly, to my sons Joshua Lacey, Thomas Lacey, James Lacey, and Elijah Lacey, I will and bequeath after all my just debts are paid, all of my horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, household furniture and all the property of whatsoever kind or nature which doth by right or law appertain unto me. The same to be and remain in the hands of and at the direction of my loving wife, Ann Lacey, during the period of her widowhood, and in case she marries again, I do will and bequeath her an equal part of all the said property with my aforesaid sons, Joshua, Thomas, James and Elijah Lacey, and to lose her rights of dower to the land.

Fourthly, I appoint my aforesaid loving wife Ann Lacey and my respected friend Abraham Eyman, Executrix and Executor of this my last will and testament.

Signed Sealed and Delivered this                                       his
31st day of May, 1816, in presence                             Lionel X Lacey
of James N. Coty                                                                 mark
Thomas Hen [illegible]
John Estens
Magdalene Teeter"

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7.4    Joshua LACEY (b. 1-5-1798, Cumberland Settlements, TN; d. 6-17-1858, St. Clair Co., IL; buried Old Union Cemetery, Lincoln, IL) m. 4-15-1824, Centerville, IL, Malinda Gooding (b. 11-4-1804, Fleming Co., KY; d. 9-20-1885, Ashley, IL)

            "HUBERT W. LACEY
            7240 Union Schoolhouse Road
            Dayton 4, Ohio
            July 26th, 1957 

Miss Mildred Lacey
Woodlawn, Ill.

Dear Cousin Mildred:-

Things sorta' piled up on me for a couple of weeks, in addition to which I cut my hand on a tractor mower and couldn not type for several days. Now all is in order agin, except that I am somewhat behind on my correspondence. All of the foregoing is by way of explanation on my tardiness in replying to your letter of the 14th.

The Goodners came into the Lacey family through my grandfather, John H., who married Lelinda Goodner, a daughter of Rev. Benjamin Goodner of St. Clair Co., IL.

Also they came into the Thomas Benton Lacey line in this way:- John Oliver Lacey's first wife was Alice Wood, daughter of James and Margaret Wood. And James and William being brothers. They were sons of Alfred Wood and Nancy (Jackson) Wood, and Nancy was the daughter of William Jackson and Catherine (Goodner) Jackson. This Catherine Goodner was a sister to Conrad Goodner, who was the father of Rev. Benj. Goodner of my line. Miss Fern Watson of Mt. Vernon as well as Leonard Wood, Sheriff, is, are both descendants of Alfred Wood and Nancy (Jackson) Wood.

Now as to the Gooding line, you are a direct descendant of them, since your great grandfather, Joshua Lacey, married Malinda Gooding, born 1804 and died 1885. She was born in Fleming County, Ky., and was the 9th child of Major Cornelius Gooding and his wife, Margaret Scott, married in 1786. Major Cornelius Gooding was born in England, emigrated to Virginia, thence to Kentucky and then to Illinois. He emigrated to St. Clair County early, and the present town of Millstadt is located on what was his farm. I suppose you know that the town of Millstadt was formerly called Centerville.

Major Gooding died June 17, 1858, and was buried in the old Union Cemetery near Millstadt, the same one where Joshua Lacey is buried. His wife died in 1808, according to data that I have, and I do not know where she is buried. It would seem that she would have been buried in Fleming County, Ky., where some of the Gooding descendants still live, they being descendants of Cornelius' oldest son, Abram, who did not accompany the father to Illinois as did all of the other children. Cornelius was born about 1761. I do not know whether he came to this country before or after the Revolutionary War.

As to the data that Pamelia Lacey Palmer had, she sent it all to me years ago, and if she had not done so I never would have been able to make the inroad on Lacey history that I have, for what he gave me was the very backbone of all. She in turn secured the data from Thomas Lacey, one of Lionel's sons, who although he could neither read or write had a wonderfully retentive memory.

I'm sorry, Mildred, but I do not know whether your grandfather came directly to the old Lacey home as you know it. You might check the real estate transfers in the Court House and see when he bought the place which you know as the "Lacey home". Checking that with the date of his marriage would probably answer your question.

Your question about George Lacey intrigues me. Franklin Lacey, son of James Lacey who was a brother to Joshua, had a son named George (W?) Lacey, whose approximate date of birth was 1858 or 1860, but in the year 1901 this George was, according to an old newspaper report, living in Texas. Of course he may have come back.

Then there was another George Lacey, more distantly related, who lived in Hardin or Gallatin County - here I wish to state that I am not sure that this George Lacey was related, and that is one of the things that I am trying to find out, which is why I say that the question about George Lacey intrigues me. You see Lionel Lacey had three brothers, Kaner, Burley, and Nathaniel, and they all lived in Hardin Gallatin, and LIvingston Co., Ky. I have been trying to locate descendants of these three, but the records of the court houses in Hardin and Gallatin were destroyed by fire - only a few records saved - and some late records show that there was a George Lacey living in Hardin or Gallatin, I just don't recall which. If I could establish a relationship with the George of Hardin, or Gallatin County, then I would be on the right track.

. . . . .

Can you find out for me where Nellie's brother Charley's children live; I would like to write them. And where does Maxine Ethel Lacey live? She was the daughter of John Logan Lacey. Camillia Rogers, Royal Lacey Eddington and Ethel Eddington are others whose addresses I would like to obtain.

Hoping to hear from you again, and with kindest of regards to you and to all my relation thereabouts, I am

Most sincerely,
Hubert W. Lacey"

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8.1   ACIEL (Asa) PHELPS LACEY (b. 5-18-1830, St. Clair Co., IL; d. 5-4-1913, OK) m. 7-25-1849, ROSANA ENGLAND (b. 4-23-1829, IL; d. 4-3-1906, Morris Ranch, Gillespie Co., TX), daughter of WILLIAM ENGLAND and CLOAH PIKE 

                            1900 Arkansas Soundex:
                            Lacey, Ara [sic] P.
                             b. May 1830 age 70 b. IL
                            Residing in Van Buren Co. Miller Township
                            Lacey, Lydia C. Wife b. Sept. 1876 age 23 b. TX
                            Census: Vol. 39 Enumerator's Dist. 134,  Sheet 9 Line 14

Applied for Civil War pension on March 11, 1907, while a resident of Pottawatomie Co., Oklahoma Territory. Personal description given as 5'11" in height, a wheelwright (one that builds and repairs wheels) and was born in St. Clair Co., IL. In his application, he stated that he was enrolled at Brownsville, TX, in May 1864, as a private in Co., A, 1st Texas Cavalry, and was discharged in San Antonio, TX, in Oct./Nov. 1865.

                            Listed places of residence as Gillespie Co., TX, until 1882
                            Lincoln Co., NM, until 1885
                            Gillespie Co., TX, until 1890
                            Tacoma, WA, until 1892
                            Gilliam Co., OR, to 1895
                            [Note: 1895 census shows he was living in far northern Texas in 1895]
                            Boone Co., AR, to 1896
                            Indian Territory, AR, and Pottawatomie Co. Okla. Terr. until 1907
                            (date of ap)

In supplemental application he stated he was married to Rosanna England on July 26, 1849, Marion Co., IL, by William England.

He was last paid on May 4, 1913, when his name was dropped due to death.

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