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Descendants of

1.1 UNKNOWN LANDOLL (b. Harsberg, Platz, Germany; d. Harsberg, Platz, Germany)

       2.1 Adam LANDOLL (b. 1824, Harsberg, Platz, Germany; d. 8-28-1911, Reed, OH) m. 7-17-1860, Veronica Binder
             Burnick (d. 6-4-1869, Reed, OH).  Adam came to America ca 1850 and settled on a farm at Reed,
             OH, a few miles from Bellvue, OH.

             3.1 Barbara LANDOLL (b. 8-1-1861)

             3.2 John LANDOLL (b. 6-8-1862)

                  4.1  Isaac LANDOLL (b. 2-5-1889; d. bef 1973) m. Mary Unknown

             3.3 Anna Marie LANDOLL (b. 5-30-1864)

             3.4 Franz LANDOLL (b. 8-5-1867)

        2.2 FRANZ (Franckus) LANDOLL (b. ca 1826, Harsberg, Platz, Germany; d. Harsberg, Platz, Germany) m.
              BARBARA KLUG (b. Germany; d. Germany)

             3.1 FRANK LANDOLL (b. 10-4-1853, Harsberg, Platz, Germany; d. 9-19-1927, OH) m. 11-28-1876, St. Josephs
                    Catholic Church, Tiffin, OH, ELIZABETH MYERS (b. 1-6-1854), daughter of JOHN MYERS (b. ca 1813,
                    Germany; d. 1-8-1872, Seneca Co., OH) and MARGARETHA PLENTZ (b. ca 1816, Germany; d. 12-30-1907,
                    Seneca Co., OH)   (See PHOTO)

                  Frank Landoll left Germany on Nov. 9, 1872, with his younger brother Adam to come  to America. 
                  They came to the Reed farm and later settled on a farm at New Riegel, OH.   In 1880,   Frank moved to
                   Hanover, KS, where they lived on a farm until 1906, when they moved back to Ohio.   Their uncle Adam
                   had come to the US about 1850 and settled on a farm at Reed, OH.

                  4.1 Frank LANDOLL (b. 8-30-1877, New Riegel, OH; d. 6-22-1908, Denver, CO)

                  4.2 LUDWIG (Lewis) LANDOLL (b. 10-30-1879, Bowling Green, OH; d. 2-16-1966, Lakewood, CO; buried
                        Crown Hill Cemetery, Denver, CO) m. ca 1903, NINA LENORE NIMS (b. 1-4-1880, Washington, KS; d.
                        6-5-1961, Lakewood, Co., buried Crown Hill Cemetery, Denver, CO), daughter of JAMES NIMS and
                        MARY KOHLER

                       5.1 Mary Elizabeth LANDOLL (b. 7-5-1905, Hanover, KS;  d. 2-15-1967) m. 6-1924, Roy Wells

                            6.1  Gladys Wells (b. 7-22-1925) m. John Munro

                                   7.1  Susan Munro (b. 7-12-1949)

                            6.2   Betty Lou Wells (b. 2-21-1927) m. John William Crouse (b. 8-15-1921, Russellville, AR)

                                   7.1  Debra Lynn Crouse (b. 7-6-1952) m. 6-3-1972, Kenneth Frankenberger

                                   7.2  Dean Alan Crouse (b. 3-20-1954)

                                   7.3  Diane Michelle Crouse (b. 5-8-1958)

                            6.3   Nina Mae Wells (b. 5-11-1928) m. 8-28-1949, Charles F.  Eastburn

                                   7.1  Mary Elizabeth Eastburn (b. 11-9-1953)

                                   7.2  Carol Annette Eastburn (b. 3-19-1956)

                            6.4   Max James Wells (b. 5-3-1930) m. 1952, Lella Mae McKinley Johnson

                                   7.1  Norman Ray Wells (b. 6-22-1953) (twin) m. 9-1-1973, Marian Franche Unknown.

                                   7.2  Norma Kay Wells (b. 6-22-1953) (twin)

                                   7.3  Donna Jean Wells (b. 12-19-1954)

                            6.5   Donald Eugene Wells (b. 5-21-1933) (twin) m. 6-17-1956, Wanda Welch

                                   7.1  Theresa Ann Wells (b. 7-11-1957)

                                   7.2  David Eugene Wells (b.7-24-1958)

                                   7.3  Pamela Dale Wells (b. 6-11-1963)

                            6.6   Dorothy Jean Wells (b. 5-21-1933) (twin) m. (1) 1949, James Howard  Hudson

                                   7.1  James Roy Hudson (b. 4-8-1958)

                                   Dorothy Jean Wells m. (2) James Vaughan

                                   7.2  Sherrie Lee Vaughan (b. 12-27-1968)

                       5.2 John Everett (Cappy) LANDOLL (b. 9-14-1910, Hanover, KS; d. 3-1986,Gallup, McKinley Co., NM) m.
                              (1) 1-4-1935, Washington, KS, Minnie  Dickson (d. 5-17-1952, Denver, CO)

                            6.1   Terry K. LANDOLL (b. 6-16-1936, Belleville, KS; d. 6-1977, Hotchkiss, CO) m. 4-7-1955, Idonna
                                     Willden (b. 6-1-1937, Mancos, CO)

                                   7.1  Donald LANDOLL (b. 5-20-1958)

                                   7.2  Cheryl Gay Landoll (b. 6-27-1959)

                       6.2   Ruth Ann LANDOLL (b. 2-23-1938, Denver, CO) m. (1) 8-4-1956, Daryl Ducker

                                   7.1  Kimberly Ann Ducker (b. 6-9-1958)

                                   7.2  Kerri Lynn Ducker (b. 11-1-1959)

                                   Ruth Ann LANDOLL m. (2) 1971, Kenneth Ashby

                            6.3   Judith Rae LANDOLL (b. 11-18-1948) m. 5-18-1969, Denver, CO, Denny LaCroix

                                   7.1  William Otto LaCroix (b. 3-28-1970, Denver, CO)

                                   7.2  Jon LaCroix (b. 2-15-1975)

                      John Everette (Cappy) LANDOLL m. (2) Dorothy Unknown; m. (3) Jean Unknown (b. 1-16-1917;
                             d. 3-17-1994, Gallup, McKinley Co., NM)

                       5.3 Frances LANDOLL (b. 1912; d. 1915)

                       5.4 Edith Catherine LANDOLL (b. 6-13-1914; d. 10-13-1916)

                       5.5 Albert (Al) Lewis LANDOLL (b. 7-24-1916, Hanover, KS; d. 10-1984, Waco, TX) m. (1) 1941,
                              Washington, KS, Lorene McLeod

                            6.1   Larry Lee LANDOLL (b. 1944).  He was adopted by his stepfather Mr. Anderson

                            Albert (Al) Lewis LANDOLL m. (2) ca 1950, Arcola (Pepsi) Shelgrove (b. 3-27-1918, Meridian, MS)

                            6.2   Albert Lewis LANDOLL, JR. (b. 11-3-1952, Denver, CO)  m. 3-24-1973, Linda Gail Tyus

                       5.6 ROBERT EUGENE LANDOLL, SR. (b. 2-17-1919, Hanover,  KS) m. (1) 6-17-1940, Denver, CO,
                              BETTY ANN HICKS (b.  5-5-1922, Denver, CO), daughter of LESTER HICKS and
                              MILDRED MACK; divorced.

                            6.1   ROBERT EUGENE LANDOLL, JR. (b. private) m. (1) DOROTHY GAIL LACEY (b. private), daughter of
                                    MONTA RAY LACEY and ETHEL LOUELLA KEMP; divorced (See PHOTO)

                                   7.1. RONALD VINCENT LANDOLL (b. private) m.  SUSAN CARROLL SWAIN (b. private), daughter
                                          of JOHN SWAIN and HAZEL DEAS; divorced (See PHOTO)

                                         8.1  CHRISTOPHER SWAIN LANDOLL (b. private)

                                         8.2  ASHLEY JORDAN LANDOLL (b. private)

                                   7.2  DAVID SCOTT LANDOLL (b. private) m. CATHERINE RACHELLE RALSTON (b. private),
                                          daughter of JAMES FREDERICK RALSTON and CHARLOTTE SUE STEPHENSON (See PHOTO)

                                          8.1 JACOB STEPHENSON LANDOLL (b. private)

                                   ROBERT EUGENE LANDOLL, JR. m. (2) Yolanda Lee; divorced

                                   7.3  Triston LANDOLL (b. private)

                                   ROBERT EUGENE LANDOLL, JR. m. (3) Georgia Sue Grimm Allison

                            6.2   LESTER LEWIS LANDOLL (b. private) m. Linda Unknown Larkin; divorced

                                   7.1  Scott Lewis LANDOLL (b. private)

                            ROBERT EUGENE LANDOLL, SR. m. (2) 3-14-1964, Gallup, McKinley Co.,  NM,   Helen Gilmore Vance
                             (b. 3-15-1918, Mass.; d. 1-22-1995, Wickenburg, AZ); m. (3) 1996, Peg Unknown

                    5.3 Otto LANDOLL (b. 10-30-1880, Hanover, KS; d. 10-22-19__,  Hanover, KS)

                  4.4 Christina LANDOLL (b. 7-17-1882, Hanover, KS; d. 1919,  Fairbury, NB) m. Unknown Hammer.

                  4.5 Anastasia LANDOLL (b. 12-29-1883, Hanover, KS; d. 1928, Tiffin, OH)

                  4.6 Vitus Carl (Charlie) LANDOLL (b. 12-18-1885, Hanover, KS; d.  6-1963, Tiffin, OH

                  4.7 Catherine LANDOLL (b. 10-31-1887, Hanover, KS; d. 11-15-1951,  New Riegel, OH) m. Unknown Windeau
                          (See PHOTO)

                  4.8 Rose Elizabeth LANDOLL (b. 10-21-1888, Hanover, KS; d. 3-15-1976, Tiffin, OH) m. Unknown Tiell
                          (See PHOTO)

                       5.1 Laverne Tiell m. Unknown Sendelbach

                  4.9 Clara Margaret LANDOLL (b. 2-19-1891, Hanover, KS; d. aft. 8-1976) m. 5-15-1915, Akron, OH, John
                         Kramer (b. Germany)  (See PHOTO)

             3.2 Adam LANDOLL (b. 11-12-1861, Harsberg, Platz, Germany; d. 10-14-1934, Bellvue, OH) m. 11-20-1883,
                    Frances Hasselbach

                   4.1 Emma LANDOLL (b. 6-17-1885; d. 2-10-1971) m. Emery Loose (b. 4-15-1882; d. 4-17-1965)

                   4.2  Rose LANDOLL (b. 1893; d. aft 8-1976) m. Harold Felker (b. 8-31-1894; d. 4-12-1951)

        2.3 Unknown LANDOLL m. Elizabeth Buchett (b. Massweiler, Germany) Five of their sons  came to Ohio
              between 1860 and 1885.  They had a total of ten children.

              3.1 Frank LANDOLL.  He came to America and stayed in the Ohio  area.

              3.2 Jacob LANDOLL.  He came to America and settled in southern Oklahoma.

              3.3 Adam LANDOLL m. Christian Unknown.  He came to America and settled at Pierce City, MO.

              3.4  Valentine LANDOLL.  He came to America and later lived with his brother Adam in Missouri. 
                     Never married.

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