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MACK Family

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Descendants of

1.1  HIRAM MACK (b. 1805, NY; d. aft 1865) m. SALLY UNKNOWN (b. 1816, NY; d. aft. 1865)

       The 1850 Census for Italy, Yates Co., NY, August 9, 1850, Dwelling 77, Family 78:

       Hiram Mack          age 45    farmer     b. NY    value of farm $750
       Sally Mack            age 34                       b. NY
       George Mack       age 18   laborer      b. NY    attended school
       Martha Mack        age 15                        b. NY   attended school
       Erastus Mack       age 12                      b. NY   attended school
       Elisha Grimes       age 10                      b. NY   attended school
       Gertrude Grimes  age 8                        b. NY   attended school
       Marvin Mack         age 8                         b. NY   attended school
       William Mack        age 6                         b. NY   attended school
       Mary Grimes        age 5                         b. NY   attended school
       Edward Grimes    age 3                         b. NY   attended school

       It isn't known who the children with the Grimes surname belong to possibly a sister of
       Sally's or other relatives or friends.  If Hiram were married previously, they might be
       children of a daughter from that marriage.

       2.1  GEORGE H. MACK (b. 8-4-1832, Naples, Ontario Co., NY; d. 10-15-1912, Cannendagua, Ontario
              Co., NY) m. 2-26-1854, Middlesex, Yates Co., NY, VESTA SLAYTON (b. 4-13-1835, Middlesex,
              Yates Co., NY; d. 11-3-1909, Middlesex, Yates Co., NY), daughter of CHAUNCEY

              1860 Census for Middlesex, Yates Co., NY,  Page 10, July 15, 1860, Dwelling 77, Family 80

              Geo. H. Mack          age 27     Farmer    b. Naples, NY   value of farm $1750 personal assets $400
              Vesta Mack            age 24                      b. Middlesex, NY
              Sarah L. Mack        age 5                        b. Middlesex, NY
              Augustus S. Mack age 2                        b. Middlesex, NY
              Ruth M. Mack          age 6/12                   b. Middlesex, NY

              1865 Census, Middlesex, Yates Co., NY
              George H. Mack
              Vesta Mack
              Sarah L. Mack              b. 1855
              Augustus S. Mack       b. 1858
              Ruth Mack                     b. 1860
              Jarius Mack                  b. ca 1861
              Orville H. Mack              b. ca 1864
              Infant (Harry B. Mack)  b. 1865

              3.1    Sarah L. MACK (b. 1855, Middlesex, Yates Co., NY)

              3.2    Augustus S. MACK (b. 1858, Middlesex, Yates Co, NY)

              3.3    Ruth M. MACK (b. ca 1-1860, Middlesex, Yates Co., NY)

              3.4    Jarius B. MACK (b. ca 1861)

              3.5    Orville H. MACK (b. ca 1864)

              3.6    Harry B. MACK (b. 1865)

              3.7    William M. MACK (b. ca 1867)

              3.8    CHARLES B. MACK (b. 7-27-1869, Middlesex, Yates Co., NY; d. 5-1960, Rochester,
                       Monroe Co., NY) m. 3-6-1897, Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY, MARY JOSEPHINE PROSEUS
                       (b. 1-1-1881, Middlesex, Yates Co., NY; d. 11-1969, Cannendagua, Ontario Co., NY)

                       Yates Co., NY, Reg. #921    Charles Mack m. Mary Proseus
                                       3-6-1897   City Clerk, City Hall, 2 Main St.,
                                      Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY

                       4.1   Arthur MACK (b. 5-1898, Cannendagua, Ontario Co., NY)

                       4.2   MILDRED VESTA MACK (b. 4-5-1901, Rochester, Monroe Co., NY; d. 11-1990, San
                               Francisco, CA) m. ca 1919, Cannendagua, Ontario Co., NY, LESTER WILLIAM HICKS
                               (b. 4-8-1900, Cannendagua, Ontario Co., NY; d. 3-1984, San Francisco, CA), son of
                               FRANK HICKS and MABEL THOMPSON  (For children, see LESTER WILLIAM HICKS)

              3.9    Hiram F. MACK (b. ca 1875)

              3.10    Eaiva B. MACK (b. ca 1878)

      2.2    Martha MACK (b. 1835)

      2.3    Erastus MACK (b. 1838)

      2.4    Marvin MACK (b. 1842)

      2.5    William MACK (b. 1844)

      2.6    Edward P. MACK (b. ca 1851)

      2.7    Franklin MACK (b. ca 1853)

      2.8    Emma D. MACK (b. ca 1855)

      2.9    Payson MACK (b. ca 1858; d. bef. 1865)

      2.10  Hiram MACK (b. ca 1861)


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