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NIMS Family

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Descendants of

1.1 GODFREY NIMS (b. 1648, Nimes, France; d. 4-10-1704, Deerfield, MA) m. (1) 11-6-1677, Deerfield,
      MA, MARY MILLER (b. 1652, Ipswich, England; d. 4-27-1688, Deerfield, MA), daughter of
      WILLIAM MILLER (d. 7-15-1690) and PATIENCE UNKNOWN (d. 3-16-1716).

      Mary had previously been married to William Miller.   At the time she died, she had been married
      10 1/2 years and had 6 children:
            Rebecca who died less than a month old.
            John who lived to be 83 years old.
            A second daughter named Rebecca who, with her husband of
                    less than two years, was killed on 2-29-1704 during the raid.
            Henry who killed on 2-29-1704 during the raid.
            Thankful, married just a year, was taken prisoner during the
                    raid but survived and lived to be 52 years old.
            Ebenezer who was also taken prisoner during the raid and was
                    ransomed in 1714 by Stoddard and Williams.  He lived to
                    to 80 years old.

      After MARY's death in 1688, GODFREY married Mehitable Smead.
      At the time of the raid they had five children:
            Thomas who had died at the age of four.
            Mehitable who was killed in the raid.
            Mary and Mercy (twins) who were killed in the raid the day
                    after their 5th birthday.
            Abigail, age 3, who was taken prisoner.

      On February 29, 1704, during the raid on Deerfield, GODFREY's house was burned, his wife
      Mehitable, age 35, was taken prisoner and died on the forced march in the snow to Quebec.  
      Of his eleven children, two had died young, five were killed in the raid and three were taken
      prisoner.  He and his John, then about 25, were left.  GODFREY died the following year without
      knowing that at least two of his children taken prisoner had survived.

      2.1  Rebecca NIMS (b. 8-12-1678, Deerfield, MA; d. 8-30-1678, Deerfield, MA)

      2.2  John NIMS (b. 8-14-1679, Deerfield, MA; d. 12-29-1762, Deerfield, MA) m. Elizabeth Hull

      2.3  Rebecca NIMS (b. 8-14-1679, Deerfield, MA; d. 2-29-1704, Deerfield, MA, during Indian raid) m.
             1-15-1702, Deerfield, MA, Phillip Mattoon (d. 2-29-1704, Deerfield, MA, during Indian raid)  It
             was usual in this time to name a second child with the same name as an earlier child who
             died young, particularly if they were named for a parent or grandparent.

      2.4  Henry NIMS (b. 4-20-1682, Deerfield, MA; d. 2-29-1704, Deerfield, MA, during Indian raid)

      2.5  Thankful NIMS (b. 8-29-1684, Deerfield, MA; d. 7-11-1746) m. 1-15-1703, Benjamin Munn
              (b. 1682; d. 2-5-1774)

      2.6  EBENEZER NIMS (b. 3-14-1686, Deerfield, Hampshire Co., MA; d. 1766, Wapping, Hampshire Co,
             MA) m. (1) Mary Miller Williams;  m. (2) ca 1711, Quebec, Canada, SARAH HOYT (b. 5-6-1686,
            Deerfield, Hampshire Co., MA; d. 1-11-1761, Deerfield, Hampshire Co., MA). 

            EBENEZER was taken prisoner with his stepmother, sister Thankful and half-sister Abigail on
            2-29-1704 during the Indian raid on Deerfield, MA.   He was ransomed (redeemed) by
            Stoddard and Williams in 1714.  As he married about 1711 in Quebec, Canada, and they
            had a baby at that time, it isn't known if the date of "redemption" is correct.

            3.1 Ebenezer NIMS (b. 2-14-1712, Lorette, Canada; d. 1777, Deerfield, MA) m. Mercy Snead

            3.2 David NIMS (b. 3-30-1716, Deerfield, MA; d. 7-21-1803, Keene, NH) m. Abigail Hawks

            3.3 Moses NIMS (b. 5-9-1718, Deerfield, MA; d. 1791, Conway, MA) m. Margaret Hawks

            3.4 Elisha NIMS (b. 7-20-1720, Deerfield, MA; d. 6-10-1674, Fort, MA)

           3.5 AMASA NIMS (b. 1-31-1723, Deerfield, Hampshire Co., MA; d. 1766, Deerfield, Hampshire Co.,
                 MA) m. 10-7-1751, Deerfield, Hampshire Co., MA, SARAH ALLEN (b. 6-2-1730, Deerfield,
                  Hampshire Co., MA), daughter of SAMUEL ALLEN and HANNAH HAWKS

                  4.1 Ebenezer NIMS (b. 8-2-1752, Deerfield, MA)

                  4.2 Sarah NIMS (b. 9-17-1753, Deerfield, MA; d. 2-4-1755, Deerfield, MA)

                  4.3 Amasa NIMS (b. 9-28-1755, Deerfield, MA)

                  4.4 Samuel NIMS (b. 8-26-1757, Deerfield, MA)

                  4.5 Sarah NIMS (b. 9-30-1759, Deerfield, MA; d. 7-13-1851, Deerfield, MA) m. 11-3-1780,
                        Deerfield, MA, David Porter

                  4.6 RUFUS NIMS (b. 11-5-1762; d. 5-10-1841, Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY) m. 11-22-1785,
                        LUCRETIA COOK (b. 12-15-1768, Hadley, MA; d. 3-6-1837, Fort Ann, Washington Co., NY)

                        5.1 Ira NIMS (b. 4-22-1787, Fort Ann, NY; d. 11-15-1846) m. 1807, Fort Ann, NY, Fanny Wallace

                        5.2 SAMUEL NIMS (b. 8-13-1788, Fort Ann, NY; d. 2-28-1841, Queensbury, NY) m. (1) 1814,
                              Fort Ann, NY, SOPHIA BARRETT HUBBARD (b. 1790; d. 3-13-1823, Fort Ann, NY)

                              6.1 GEORGE S. NIMS (b. 1-20-1815, Fort Ann, NY; d. 5-3-1889) m. 5-2-1840, Ashtabula Co., OH,
                                    HARRIET PALMER (b. 8-25-1814, Allegany Co., NY; d. 10-20-1902)

                                    7.1 William Eugene NIMS (b. 4-2-1841, Clarksville, PA; d. 8-9-1918, Washington, KS) m.
                                          10-1-1866, Clarksville, PA, Harriet Littlejohn Watson

                                    7.2 Julia Ann NIMS (b. 4-5-1844; d. 1927, Washington, KS) m. 3-6-1873, Washington, KS,
                                          Harvey Newton McCulley

                                    7.3 Eliza NIMS (b. 2-7-1846; d. 10-6-1949, Washington, KS) m. 10-15-1867, Sharon, PA,
                                          Samuel C. Rust

                                    7.4 Josephine NIMS (b. 1848)

                                    7.5 JAMES ALBERT NIMS (b. 8-26-1850, Transfer, PA; d. 2-22-1935, Washington, KS) m.
                                           3-22-1879, Clarks Mill, PA, MARY MALINDA KOHLER (b. 12-29-1859; d. 7-1-1903,
                                           Washington, KS)

                                          8.1 Arthur Garfield NIMS (b. 3-4-1881; d. 4-26-1941)

                                          8.2 Edith Josephine NIMS (b. 10-7-1882; d. 3-15-1965, Mena, AR)

                                          8.3 Boyd NIMS (b. 1884)

                                          8.4 Bessie Gertrude NIMS (b. 1885)

                                          8.5 Robert Charles NIMS (b. 1-18-1887; d. 2-15-1972, Hydro, OK)

                                          8.6 Leonard Ross NIMS (b. 7-4-1891; d. 2-4-1892)

                                          8.7 Kathryn ann Alzoe NIMS (b. 9-8-1896; d. 5-10-1984, Wichita, KS)

                                          8.8 NINA LENORE NIMS (b. 1-4-1880, Washington, KS; d. 6-5-1961, Lakewood,
                                                CO) m. ca 1903 LUDWIG (Lewis) LANDOLL (b. 10-30-1879,
                                                Bowling Green, OH; d. 2-16-1966, Lakewood, CO), both are
                                                buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Denver, CO, son of FRANK LANDOLL
                                                and ELIZABETH MYERS  (For children, see LUDWIG (Lewis) LANDOLL)

                                    7.6 John Silas NIMS (b. 4-23-1858, Cushing, OK; d. 1-30-1935, Cushing, OK) m.
                                          11-7-1883, Alzoa Prudence Kelly

                              6.2 Charles NIMS (b. 4-23-1815, Fort Ann, NY; d. 10-20-1890, Leon, OH) m. 1-26-1836,
                                    Fort Ann, NY, Sarah Ann Bailey

                              6.3 John Hubbard NIMS (b. 1823, Fort Ann, NY; d. 1909) m. Almira Robinson

                              SAMUEL NIMS m. (2) 1823, Fort Ann, NY, Hannah Conklin

                        5.3 Sarah NIMS (b. 2-19-1790, Deerfield, MA)

                        5.4 Reuben NIMS (b. 10-4-1791, Deerfield, MA; d. 3-27-1792, Deerfield, MA)

                        5.5 James NIMS (b. 2-24-1793, Fort Ann, NY; d. 10-8-1851, Empire, Wisconsin) m.
                               Betsy Millington

                        5.6 Temperance O. NIMS (b. 11-2-1794, Deerfield, MA; d. 5-24-1838, Fort Ann, NY)

                        5.7 Cornelia NIMS (b. 12-25-1796, Fort Ann, NY; d. 1-23-1861, Pamelia, NY) m. Fort
                              Ann, NY, Martin Porter

                        5.8 Jonas NIMS (b. 10-23-1798, Fort Ann, NY; d. 4-22-1861, Fort Ann, NY) m. Cleveland,
                               OH, Eleanor Whitney

                        5.9 Warren NIMS (b. 2-2-1801, Fort Ann, NY; d. 3-31-1875, Fort Ann, NY)

                        5.10 Nancy NIMS (b. 11-27-1802, Fort Ann, NY; d. 3-31-1875, Fort Ann, NY)

                        5.11 Amanda NIMS (b. 11-29-1804, Deerfield, MA)

                        5.12 Porter NIMS (b. 9-11-1811, Fort, NY; d. 1891, Fort Ann, NY) m. 1835, Fort Ann,
                                NY, Julia A. Woodruff

                  4.7 Ira NIMS (b. 2-18-1764, Deerfield, MA; d. 1798, Conway, Maine) . 6-3-1790, Conway,
                        Maine, Mary Bangs

                  4.8 Mercy NIMS (b. 1765, Deerfield, MA; d. 1765, Deerfield, MA)

      GODFREY NIMS m. (2) 6-27-1692, Deerfield, MA, Mehitable Smead (b. 6-2-1667; d. 3-1704, in
      forced march to Quebec by Indians)

      2.7  Thomas NIMS (b. 11-8-1693, Deerfield, MA; d. 9-10-1697, Deerfield, MA)

      2.8  Mehitable NIMS (b. 5-16-1696; d. 2-29-1704, Deerfield, MA, during Indian raid)

      2.9  Mary NIMS (b. 2-28-1699, Deerfield, MA; d. 2-29-1704, Deerfield, MA, during Indian raid) (twin)

      2.10 Mercy NIMS (b. 2-28-1699, Deerfield, MA; d. 2-29-1704, Deerfield, MA, during Indian raid) (twin)

      2.11 Abigail NIMS (b. 5-27-1700), taken prisoner on 2-29-1704, during Deerfield Indian raid.


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