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Descendants of

1.1 JOSEPH ABNER RALSTON (b. ca 1829; d. 1864, Civil War) m. SARAH UNKNOWN (b. ca 1832, VA).
       JOSEPH entered the Union Army in Kenton, OH.   1850 Census shows him in Springfield Twp., Richland, OH.
       1860 Census - Wyandot Co., OH, pg. 181, household #1289 indicates he was a farmer and owned real estate
        valued at $2,000.

      2.1  WILLIAM RALSTON (b. 1854, Antrim Twp., Wyandot, OH) m. 3-13-1874,
        Wyandot, OH, ALICE CLARRISA (Sarah) KENDALL

            3.1 Phinney K. RALSTON (b. ca 1876)

            3.2 DUDLEY HARRIS RALSTON, SR. (b. 11-16-1878, Nevada, Wyandot, OH; d. 6-1957; buried McDonald-Fairview
              Cemetery) m. ca 1906, OH, RACHEL INEZ FLEECE (b. 7-22-1888; d. 3-16-1983, Kenton, Hardin
                  Co., OH), daughter of CHARLES PETER FLEECE and SARAH TRIMBLE. 

                  Dudley Harris Ralston was a teacher and farmer in the Jumbo area of McDonald Township, Hardin Co.,
                  OH.  They lived in McDonald Twp. until 1919 when they purchased a farm in Lynn Twp.  It was located on
                  Kenton-Wapakenta Road (St. Rt. 67) opposite a one-room school.

                  4.1 Mary Alice RALSTON (b. 5-3-1907, McDonald Twp., Hardin Co., OH; d. 2-5-1987, Kenton, OH.  She taught
                        Soc. Studies for 40 years in Kenton schools.

                  4.2 John William RALSTON (b. 7-31-1910, McDonald Twp., Hardin Co., OH; d. 3-1977, Kenton, OH; buried
                         Fairview-McDonald Cemetery) m. 3-14-1936, Jeanne M. Axline.   He was a Hardin Co. production farmer.

                  4.3 Charles Richard RALSTON (b. 3-19-1913, McDonald Twp., Hardin Co., OH; d. 8-2-1981, Kenton, OH; buried
                    Grove Cemetery) m. (1)  Leanna Woods; m. (2) Mildred Gary.  He administered a Kenton beverage
                         distribution business.

                  4.4  Annabelle RALSTON (b. 3-1-1915, McDonald Twp., Hardin Co., OH) m. Richard Palmer (d. 1964)  She
                    was a hospital nurse in  Los Angles, CA, for many years.

                  4.5  Joseph Abner RALSTON (b. 10-13-1917, McDonald Twp., Hardin Co., OH; d. 7-14-1985, Columbus,
                         OH; buried Otterburn Cemetery, Westerville, OH) m.
Margaret Ferguson (d. 4-1977).  He was a
                        chemistry teacher in Westerville, OH.

                   4.6 George Randolph RALSTON (b. 9-19-1919, Lynn Twp., Hardin Co., OH; d. 10-23-1995, Kenton, OH) m.
                        10-1952, Martha Madory.  He was a Hardin Co. production farmer.

                   4.7 Robert Edward RALSTON (b. 7-20-1921, Lynn Twp., Hardin Co., OH; d. 8-27-1986, Jacksonville, FL) m.
                         (1) 1945, Sarah Unknown;  m. (2) 1976, Nancy Unknown.   He was an accountant in Jacksonville, FL.    

                   4.8 Dudley Harris RALSTON, Jr. (b. 5-6-1924, Lynn Twp., Hardin Co., OH; d. 4-24-1986, Kenton, Lynn Twp,
                     OH) m. 1949, Jean Keil.  He was an industrial  maintenance foreman.      

                   4.9 Thomas Marion RALSTON (b. 10-30-1928, Lynn Twp., Hardin Co., OH; d. 1-10-1991) m. Janet Reber. 
                        He was a Kenton Hospital pharmacist.

                   4.10 JAMES FREDERICK RALSTON (b. private) m.  CHARLOTTE SUE STEPHENSON (b. private), daughter
                          of ROBERT FRANKLIN STEPHENSON and INA MONROE

                    5.1  CATHERINE RACHELLE RALSTON (b. private) m. DAVID SCOTT LANDOLL (b. private), son of
                                  ROBERT EUGENE LANDOLL, JR. and DOROTHY GAIL LACEY
 (For children, see DAVID SCOTT

                           5.2   JAMES CHRISTOPHER STEPHENSON (b. private)

       2.2   Joseph RALSTON (b. 1855)   He was age 5 on the 1860 Census, Antrim Twp., Wyandot, OH.

       2.3   Mary RALSTON (b. 1858)

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