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Descendants of

1.1  ALEXANDER RANKIN (b. 1638, Scotland)

       2.1   WILLIAM RANKIN (b. ca 1668; d. aft 1721, Chester, PA) m. DOROTHY BLACK (b. ca 1663, Derry, Ireland)

               3.1   Adam RANKIN (b. 7-16-1688, Stirling, Scotland) m. Mary Steele

               3.2  JOHN THOMAS RANKIN (b. 1690, Derry, Ireland; d. 1749, Juniata River, PA) m. bef. 1720, Ireland,
                       MARGARET JANE McELWEE (b. ca 1690)

                       4.1   THOMAS RANKIN (b. 1724, Londonderry, Derry Co.,   Ireland; d. 1810, Jefferson Co., TN) m.
                               1753, Cumberland Co., ISABELLA CLENDENIN (b. ca 1730; d. Jefferson Co., TN), daughter
                                of JOHN CLENDENIN and JANET HOUSTON.  They moved first to Augusta Co., VA, and then to the
                                 French Broad River area in eastern Tennessee (then the State of Franklin) about 1783/4. 
                                Thomas and four of his sons served in the Rev. War in Pennsylvania.

                               5.1   John RANKIN (b. 1754; d. 1825) m. Martha Waugh

                               5.2   Richard RANKIN (b. 1756; d. 1827) m. Jennett (Jane) Steele (b. 1764; d. 1846)

                               5.3   William RANKIN (b. 1-27-1759, Carlisle, PA; d. 12-13-1839, Greene Co., TN) m. 8-29-1787,
                                       Sarah Moore (b. 7-23-1763; d. 10-9-1850)

                               5.4   Samuel RANKIN (b. 1760; d. 1828)

                               5.5   Thomas RANKIN II (b. 3-3-1762, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 11-12-1821, Jefferson Co., TN)
                                       m. 2-24-1789, Greene Co., TN, Jennett (Jane) Bradshaw, (b. 5-31-1772, Jefferson Co.,
                                       TN; d. 1-14-1824, Jefferson Co., TN)

                               5.6   Jane RANKIN m. William Gillespie

                               5.7   Margaret RANKIN m. Samuel Harris

                               5.8   ANN RANKIN (b. 1765, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 5-6-1837, St. Clair Co., IL) m. ca 1789,
                                       French Broad River, LIONEL LACY (b. 1765, VA; prob. Buckingham
                                       Co.; d. 6-1-1816, St. Clair Co., IL), son of ELLIOTT LACY and LOIS BROWN. 
                                       (For children, see LIONEL LACY)

                               5.10  James RANKIN (b.1770; d. 1839) m. Margaret Massey

                               5.11  Isabel RANKIN m. Robert McQuiston

                               5.12  Nancy RANKIN m. Samuel White

                               5.13  Mary RANKIN m. James Bradshaw

                       4.2    Richard RANKIN (b. 1730; d. 1788) m. 1756, Mary Douglas (b. Cumberland Co., PA)

                       4.3     Unknown RANKIN m. William White

                       4.4     Unknown RANKIN m. John Waugh

                       4.5     Elizabeth RANKIN

                       4.6     Ann RANKIN

                       4.7     Margaret RANKIN

                       4.8     Catrin RANKIN

                       4.9     Rebecca RANKIN

                       4.10   Agnes RANKIN

               3.3    Hugh RANKIN  


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