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Descendants of

1.1 Sir TRANCREED de HAUTEVILLE (b. 945, Normandy, France) m. FREDISTINA (b. ca 970)

      2.1 ROBERT I "Guiscard" de HAUTEVILLE, Count of Apula (b. ca 997, Normandy, France; d.
            6-22-1101) m. (1) ca 1030 SIGELGARTA, Princess of Salermo (b. ca 1000, Salemo, Italy)

            3.1 MATHILDA (Maud) d'APULIA de HAUTEVILLE (b. ca 1059, Apulia (Puglia), Calabria, Italy; d.
                 1083) m. 1078 RAIMUND BERENGER II (III), Count of Barcelona (b. ca 1055, Barcelona, Spain; d.
                 12-5-1082, murdered), son of RAIMUND BERENGER I (II) and ALMODIS MARCHE
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            ROBERT I "Guiscard" de HAUTEVILLE m. (2) ADELESIA de SAVONA (b. ca 1036, Normandy, France)

            3.2 ROGER de HAUTEVILLE (b. 1093, Normandy, France; d. 2-26-1154) m. ALBERIZ (b. ca 1097, Rome, Italy)

                 4.1 ROGER II de HAUTEVILLE (b. ca 1145, Rome, Italy)

                        5.1 TANCREED de HAUTEVILLE (b. ca 1171, Rome, Italy) m. SYBIL d'AQUINA (b. ca 1175, Rome,
                              Italy), daughter of RINALDO d'AQUINA and UNKNOWN MEDINA

                              6.1 UNKNOWN de HAUTEVILLE (b. ca 1197, Rome, Italy)

                                    7.1 ROGERS de HAUTEVILLE (b. ca 1223, Rome, Italy)

                                          8.1   AARON fitzROGERS (b. ca 1249, Rome, Italy)

                                                9.1 AARON fitzROGERS II (b. 1275, Rome, Italy)

                                                      10.1 AARON fitzROGERS III (b. ca 1305, Italy)

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11.1 JOHN fitzROGERS, Gentleman (b. 1335, England) m. 1385, ELIZABETH FURNEAUX (b. ca1321, Stringston,
        England), daughter of SIMON FURNEAUX and ALICE UMFREVILLE

        12.1 Sir JOHN fitzROGERS (b. 1386, Ashington, Somersetshire, England; d. 10-4-1441) m. AGNES MORDAUNT
                (Mercaunt) (b. ca 1387, Bedfordshire, England), daughter of EUSTACE MORDAUNT and ALICE DANNO

              13.1 THOMAS ROGERS (b. 1408, Ashington, Somersetshire, England)

                      14.1 THOMAS (John) ROGERS (b. ca 1435, Bradford, Wiltshire, England; d. 1489) m. 2-1483,
                              CATHERINE COURTENAY (b. 1438, Powderham, Devonshire, England; d. 1-12-1515,
                              Shillingford, Devonshire, England), daughter of PHILIP COURTENAY and ELIZABEETH

                              15.1 GEORGE ROGERS (b. ca 1484, Luppitt, Devonshire, England) m. ELIZABETH ROGERS
                                      (b. ca 1479, Cannington, Somersetshire, England)

                                     16.1 Sir EDWARD ROGERS (b. 1515, Cannington, Somersetshire, England; d. 5-21-1567,
                                            England) m. 2-16-1539, Isle of Wright, Southampton, England, MARY LISLEY
                                            (b. 1519, Isle of Wright, Southampton, England), daughter of JOHN LISLEY (Lisle)

                                            17.1 GEORGE ROGERS (b. 1541, Cannington, Somersetshire, England; d. 7-8-1587) m.
                                                   3-16-1551, Sydenham, Somersetshire, England, JOAN WINTER (b. 1545,
                                                   Sydenham, Somersetshire, England; d. 1-20-1601, Exton, Rutlandshire,

                                                   18.1 MARY ROGERS (b. ca 1567, Cannington, Somersetshire, England; d. 1634,
                                                           England) m. 9-6-1583, Cannington, Somersetshire, England,
                                                          Sir JOHN HARINGTON (b. 1561, Cannington, Somersetshire,
                                                          England; d. 11-2-1612, Bath, Somersetshire, England), son of
                                                          JOHN HARINGTON and ISABELLA MARKHAM
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                              15.2 JOHN (Thomas) ROGERS of Deritend (b. ca 1485, Deritend, Aston, Warwicklie,
                                      England; d. 1530m. 1505, Allington Castle, Boxley, England, MARGARET WYATT
                                      (b. ca 1490, Allington Castle, Boxley, England)

                                     16.1 JOHN ROGERS, The Martyr (b. 2-4-1507, Deritend, Aston, Warwicklie, England; d.
                                            2-4-1555, near Warwick, Nottinghamshire, England) m. 1536, Warwick, Nottinghamshire,
                                            England, ADRIANA PRATT (b. 1511, Brabant, Antwerp, Belgium; d. Smithfield, England)

                                            17.1 John ROGERS (b. 11-21-1538, Wittenberg, Sachsen, Prussia; d. 7-3-1601)

                                            17.2 Daniel ROGERS (b. ca 1540, Saxony; d. 1-1590)

                                            17.3 BERNARD ROGERS (b. 1543, Wittenberg, Sachsen, Prussia; d. 1564, Scotland) m.
                                                   11-5-1581, ALICE CALLE (b. 1550, Stratford, England; d. 8-7-1608, England)

                                                   18.1 THOMAS ROGERS (b. 1581, Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, England;
                                                          d. ca 2-1621, Plymouth, MA; age 49 yrs)  
                                                          For marriage and children, (see below)

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                                                   18.2 Edward ROGERS

                                                   18.3 William ROGERS

                                                   18.4 George ROGERS

                                                   18.5 John ROGERS

              13.2 John ROGERS (b. 1411, Brynstone, Kent, England; d. 8-4-1450, Fradford Bryan, Dorset,
                      England) m. ca 1447, Echingham, Sussex, England, ANNE ECHINGHAM,
                      Baroness Audley (b. ca 1420, Staffordshire, England; d. 6-7-1498), daughter of

                      14.1 Henry ROGERS (b. ca 1449) m. Amy STOURTON (b. ca 1457)

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18.1 THOMAS ROGERS (See above) (b. 1581, Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, England; d. ca 2-1621,
        Plymouth, MA; age 49 yrs) m. ca 1600, Leiden, Holland, ALICE UNKNOWN (b. ca 1582, Fingeringhoe,
         Essex, England)   THOMAS ROGERS was called a camlet-merchant.  He and his son JOSEPH ROGERS
        came to America on the "Mayflower" 
        (See Notes - page 1 information on family and trip to America)
        (See Notes - page 2 handwritten list of passengers aboard "Mayflower" - a slow loading page)

        19.1 JOSEPH ROGERS (b. 1-23-1603, Watford, Northampton, England; d. 1-2-1678, Eastham, Barnstable,
                MA) m. HANNAH UNKNOWN  (b. 1615, Buckingham, Essex, England)

               From "Mayflower Families Through Five Generations", Vol. 2,
               1978, published by General Society of Mayflower Descendants,
               4 Winslow St., Plymouth, MA 02360

               Joseph came to Plymouth with his father in 1620 aboard the
               "Mayflower". In the 1623 land division, he received two acres,
               one for himself and one on behalf of his father. Joseph may
               have been living in the household of Governor Bradford with
               whom he received his share of cattle in 1627. Joseph was made
               a freeman in 1633 and was taxed March 25, 1633, just before the
               birth of his first child. On March 2, 1936, he was granted
               permission to operate a ferry over the Jones River near his house.
               On June 7, 1636, he was first recorded as serving on a jury. He
               was granted 30 acres of land on Nov. 5, 1638, and was made a
               constable of Duxbury on March 3, 1640. On this date, Joseph was
               one of the purchasers or "old comers" to whom land was granted,
               and on April 6, 1640, he and his brother John were each granted
               50 acres of upland. Joseph was one of a group of Duxbury
               inhabitants who were to lay out land on October 20, 1645.

               He apparently then moved to Eastham, then called Nauset, about
               1647. On June 1 of that year he was appointed lieutenant to
               exercise the men in arms there. He apparently spent a brief time
               at Sandwich in the early 1650s. He served on the council of war
               in June and October, 1658. Lt. Rogers was freed from his
               lieutenancy on Oct. 1, 1661, but reestablished June 8, 1664. He
               was a selectman at Eastham 1670. On Jan. 31, 1672, Lt. Joseph
               Rogers of Eastham sold a piece of land. No wife was mentioned
               in any of his deeds.

               The original Will of Joseph Rogers is no longer in existence. A copy
               of it dated January 2, 1677, written in the Plymouth Colony Record
               Book at the time of his death, does not mention his daughter
               Mary, but reads as follows:

               "I Joseph Rogers senior: of Eastham of Good understanding and
               perfect memory being weake in body; and not knowing the day
               of my departure out of this life, doe thinke meet to Leave this as
               my Last will and Testament.
                       Impr: I Comend my soule to God that Gave it; whoe is my God,
               and father in Jesus Christ, and my body to the earth by decent

                       firstly And Concerning my temporall estate that God hath
               posessed me off; I doe make my son Thomas Rogers whole and
               sole executor which I will should be disposed of as followeth:
                       Impr: I doe Give unto my Loveing son James Rogers and his
               heires Lawfully begotten of his body: or the next of kinn; my
               house and housing and Land with fences or the like
               appurtenances, that I now dwell in and Improve adjoyning to my
               house be it more or lesse; as it is Recorded & bounded on the
               Towne book, I say I doe Give it to him and to his heires Lawfully
               begotten of his body forever or the Next kindred;
                       Item I doe give To my sonnes John and James Rogers all my
               meddow Ground that I bought of the Indians Francis and Josiah,
               Lying att Pottammacutt and therabouts; I say I doe give and will
               it to them and theire heires forever equally to be devided.
                       Item I doe give to my sonnes Thomas and John Rogers and
                theire heires all my meddow and sedge lying on the otherside
                of the Cove, on Keeskagansett syde; I say I doe Give it to them
                and theire heires Lawfully begotten of theire bodys forever;
                       I doe Give to my Daughter Elizabeth Higgens the wife of
                Jonathan Higgens six acres of Land lying Neare the Barly neck,
                by a swamp called Ceader swamp; a it is Recorded and bounded
                in the Towne book, I say I Give this six acrees To her and her
                heires of her body for ever; shee nor they shall not sell hier
                farm it out, directly nor Indirectly to any person whatsoever,
                except in Case of Removall it shalbe lawfull for my sonnes or
                theire heires to buy or purchase it.
                       Item I Give to Benjah Higgens my Grandchild on Condition
                hee live with mee until I die; I say I Give to him and his heires,
                one third parte of all my upland and meddow att Paomett,
                purchased and unpurchased.
                       Item It is my will That the Remainder of my lands or marshes,
                both att the barly necke, Pochett Iland Paomett Billingsgate or
                elsewher purchased or unpurchased not disposed of particularly
                in my will; I say it is my will that all those lands be equally
                devided betwixt my three sonnes Thomas John and James
                Rogers; and the heires lawfully of theire bodyes for ever; Noteing
                that my son Thomas his twenty acrees of upland that alreddy hee
                hath in the barly necke be parte of his devision of my land in the
                barly Necke;

                       Item I doe Give unto my daughter Hannah Rogers, if shee be
                not disposed of in Marriage before my decease, and my wifes
                decease, then I say I doe Give to her my bed and beding with
                all the furniture therto belonging or that shall belonge therto att
                our decease;
                       Alsoe it is my will that shee shall have her Choise of one Cow
                before my Cattle be distributed, and the use of three acrees of
                Tillage Ground; ffenced in, with the arable Ground of her
                bretheren in the barly necke if shee desirs, it soe longe as shee
                lives unmarryed;

                       Item it is my will that Benjah Higgens shall have one of my
                Cowes after mine and my wifes decease.

                       Item it is my will Concerning my Loveing wife Hannah
                Rogers that shee live in My house as longe as shee lives, and
                shalbe Comfortably maintained by my stocke and to have the
                use of all my household stuffe, That see Needs as longe as shee
                lives for her Comfort and that none of my household furniture or
                stocke be disposed of, as longe as shee lives, save onely
                Hannahs Cowe.

                        Item I will that ten shillings of my estate be disposed off for the
                use of the Church of Christ in Eastham as shalbe Judged most
                        Item I will that the Remainder of my Stocke estate household
                furniture that my wife shall Leave att her decease Not disposed
                of in my will before written; be equally devided between all my
                Children; and Benjah Higgens to have an equall share with each
                of them; This is my Last Will and Testament as witness my hand
                and seale this 2nd of January 1677,  Joseph Rogers (seale)"

                Joseph's inventory was taken January 15, 1677, and the will was
                probated March 5, 1677. Depositions of Jonathan Sparrow and
                Samuel Berry show that grandson "Benjah Higgens" in the will
                was also known as Beriah Higgens. Son Thomas Rogers died
                before completing the settlement of the estate and so Capt.
                Sparrow and son John Rogers were impowered to handle the

                20.1 Sarah ROGERS (b. 8-6-1633, Sandwich, MA; d. 8-15-1633, Sandwich, MA)

                20.2 Joseph ROGERS (b. 7-16-1635; d. 12-27-1660, Eastham, MA) m. 2-4-1660, Susanna Deane
                        (b. ca 1634, Plymouth, MA; d. bef. 1-1701, Eastham, MA)

                20.3 Thomas ROGERS (b. 3-29-1638, Duxbury, Plymouth, MA; d. 6-16-1678, Eastham, MA) m.
                        12-13-1665, Elizabeth Snow (b. ca 1640, Plymouth, MA; d. 6-16-1678, Eastham, MA)

                       21.1 Elizabeth ROGERS (b. 10-8-1666)

                       21.2 Joseph ROGERS (b. 2-1-1668)

                       21.3 Hannah ROGERS (b. 11-16-1668)

                       21.4 Nathaniel ROGERS (b. 1-18-1675)

                20.4 Elizabeth ROGERS (b. 9-29-1639)

                20.5 MARY ROGERS (b. 9-22-1644, Sandwich, Barnstable, MA; d. aft. 4-19-1718, Barnstable, MA)
                       m. 8-10-1664, Barnstable, MA, JOHN PHINNEY (b. 12-24-1638, Plymouth, MA; d. ca 4-19-1718,
                      Barnstable, MA)
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        19.2 Elizabeth ROGERS (b. ca 1604)

        19.3 Margaret ROGERS (b. ca 1606)

        19.4 Thomas ROGERS (b. ca 1608)


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