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Descendants of

1.1   ALEXANDER STEPHENSON (b. ca 1645, Scotland)  He moved with his family from Scotland to
        Northern Ireland.

        2.1  JAMES STEPHENSON (b. ca 1665, Scotland)  He went with his father to Northern Ireland.

               3.1 JAMES STEPHENSON II (b, 1689, Northern Ireland).  James II moved to America about
                      1700 at the age of 11 or 12 with his father.  They settled in Lancaster, PA.  He is shown
                      on the Muster Rolls in Lancaster Co., PA, in 1710, where he is shown as an Irish laborer
                      at age 21.  They lived there until 1750 when the family moved to near Staunton, VA, in the
                      Mossy Creek area.

                     4.1  JAMES STEPHENSON III (b. ca 1728, PA; d. 6-9-1802, Monroe Co., VA) m. ca 1757, Chester,
                            SC, ANNE GARNER (b. ca 1738, SC)  After his marriage they moved to Monroe Co., VA, in

                            His Will is located in Will Book B, page 28, of the records of Monroe Co., VA.  It was
                            presented to the August Court, 1802.

                            5.1  John STEPHENSON (b. 1758, Chester, SC; d. 12-20-1827, Jackson Co., OH; buried
                                   Markham Cemetery, Jackson Co., OH) m. 9-6-1787, Nancy Agnes Ewing (b. ca 1764,
                                   Augusta Co., VA; d. 12-22-1854)

                                   He served in the Rev. War from 9-14-1777 to 10-1779 as a Virginia Trooper under
                                   Col. George Gibson. he moved with his family from Roanoke, VA, to Greenbrier
                                   Co., VA, about 1761. After marriage they moved to Teay's (Tesee) Valley in Cabell,
                                   VA (now Putnam Co., WV).  In 1814 he purchased land in Bloomfield Twp., then
                                    part of Gallia Co., OH. He cleared a farm about 1 1/2 miles east of what is now
                                    Rocky Hill, Jackson Co., OH.

                             5.2  Betsy STEPHENSON (b. ca 1760) m. Thomas Maupin

                             5.3  Elijah Brazill STEPHENSON (Stinson) (b. 5-15-1762, Braznell, VA; d. 3-23-1835, Evansville,
                                    IN) m. Rachel Cobb

                             5.4  Nancy STEPHENSON (b. ca 1764) m. Hugh Miller

                             5.5  James STEPHENSON (b. 1766, Monroe, SC; d. 2-7-1846, Jackson Co., OH; buried
                                     Brady Cemetery, Jackson Co., OH) m. 3-31-1796, Bath Co., VA, Margaret Smith

                                    6.1  Samuel STEPHENSON (b. 12-31-1799, Bath Co., VA; d. 10-19-1884) m. 1-15-1824,
                                            Jackson Co., VA, Martha McCLURE (b. 12-22-1804, Greenbrier Co., VA; d.
                                            2-15-1878, Jackson Co., OH), daughter of Samuel McCLURE and Nancy

                                           7.1 James STEPHENSON (b. 2-16-1824)

                                           7.2 Samuel STEPHENSON (b. 4-27-1826)

                                           7.3 Jacob STEPHENSON (b. 5-13-1827)

                                           7.4 Smith STEPHENSON (b. 6-19-1829, Jackson Co., OH; d. 2-11-1872, Clinton,
                                                 Henry Co., MO) m. 12-27-1860,  Jackson Co., OH, Elizabeth Elvira Canter

                                                 8.1 Alva STEPHENSON (b. 5-7-1863, Jackson Co., OH; d. 3-27-1864,
                                                       Jackson Co., OH)

                                                 8.2   Mary Estelle STEPHENSON (b. 4-29-1869, Clinton, Henry Co., MO;
                                                         d. 3-18-1955, Keota, Weld Co., CO) m. 9-15-1886, Clinton, Henry Co.,
                                                         MO, Daniel Voorhees Stanley

                                                 8.3   Samuel Louis STEPHENSON (b. 10-8-1861, Jackson Co., OH; d. 2-11-1872)

                                                 8.4   Edward STEPHENSON (b. 8-11-1864, Jackson Co, OH; d. 9-21-1923, New
                                                          Raymer, CO) m. 6-27-1900, Clinton, Henry Co., MO, Mary Frances Baker

                                                 8.5   Frankie STEPHENSON (b. 8-11-1864, Jackson Co., OH; d. 1866, Jackson Co.,

                                                 8.6   Amanda STEPHENSON (b. 8-22-1867, Jackson Co., OH; d. 6-9-1933, Springfield,
                                                          Clark Co., OH)

                                           7.5 Nancy STEPHENSON (b. 8-18-1831)

                                           7.6   Unknown STEPHENSON (b. 9-18-1833; d. 9-18-1833)

                                           7.7   George Washington STEPHENSON (b. 2-5-1835; d. aft. 1880)

                                           7.8   Charles STEPHENSON (b. 9-15-1838; d. bef. 1866)

                                           7.9   Henry Harrison STEPHENSON (b. 3-4-1841)

                             5.6  DAVID STEPHENSON (b. ca 1767, VA; d. 2-21-1814, Champaign Co., OH)
                                    m. MARTHA McCLURE (b. ca 1775, VA; d. 8-9-1851, Clark Co., OH), daughter
                                    of ARTHUR McCLURE and MARTHA UNKNOWN.

                                   David Stephenson is shown in some records as "Davis Stephenson".   
                                   Martha's tombstone reads MARTHA MCLURE STEPHENSON.  She is  buried
                                   in the Callison Cemetery, near Lawrenceville, Clark Co., OH.

                                   6.1  Arthur STEPHENSON (b. 9-15-1794, Bath, VA; d. 1880) m. 2-7-1819, Clark Co.,
                                          OH, Mary (Polly) Thomas (b. 9-16-1800; d. 1856, Shelby Co., OH)

                                   6.2  Martha STEPHENSON (b. 1796, Bath Co., VA; d. 1873) m. 3-1816, Peter Minnich
                                          (b. 1793, VA; d. 12-1841)

                                   6.3   Anna STEPHENSON (b. ca 1798, VA) m. 4-15-1819, Clark Co., OH, John French

                                   6.4   DAVID STEPHENSON II (b. 9-10-1800, Bath, VA; d. 1-24-1863, near Huntsville,
                                           Logan Co., OH) m.  ANN KIZER (b. 6-23-1805, Clark Co., OH; buried
                                           Pemberton Cemetery, OH), daughter of JOHN KIZER and PRISSELL
                                           UNKNOWN.  They lived in Clark Co., near Yellow springs, OH, and later
                                            moved to Logan Co., OH.

                                           7.1   William STEPHENSON (b. 8-17-1823; d. 4-9-1884) m. Jane Patterson
                                                   (b. 7-2-1827; d. 12-15-1869)

                                           7.2   James Arthur STEPHENSON (b. 9-3-1824; d. 9-21-1904) m. Sabina
                                                   Overpeck (b. 9-12-1823, Clark Co., OH; d. 9-24-1894)

                                           7.3   John STEPHENSON (b. 1-23-1826; d. 1908) m. (1) Maribel (Maribah) Patton;
                                                    m. (2) Catherine WHITMER (b. 10-24-1824; d. Indianapolis, IN)

                                           7.4   THOMAS SIMS STEPHENSON (b.  2-2-1830, Clark Co., H; d. 1-31-1911;
                                                    buried Pasco Cemetery, near Quincy, OH) m. HESTER (Hettie) WHITMER
                                                    (b. 10-1-1835, Pasco, OH), daughter of JACOB WHITEMER and EVE CLEPPER

                                                    8.1 For children,  click here (Stephenson - page 2)

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                                           7.5     Harvey STEPHENSON (b. 3-5-1832, OH; d. 11--21-1907) m. 12-22-1863, IL,
                                                    Marinda L. Borton (b. 12-10-1832, OH; d. 8-21-1879)

                                           7.6     Angelina STEPHENSON (b. 1836, OH)  m. John Kyle

                                           7.7     Martha A. STEPHENSON (b. 1838, OH; d. 1861; buried McGraw Cemetery,
                                                     Huntsville, OH) m. John Patterson

                                           7.8     David Watt STEPHENSON (b. 6-6-1840, Greene Co., OH; d. 2-24-1924) m. 1863,
                                                     Huntsville, OH, Barbara Elizabeth Herring (b. 9-5-1842; d. 6-11-1898)

                                           7.9     Priscilla Jane STEPHENSON (b. 2-23-1843, OH; d. 6-3-1894; buried
                                                     Cedar Point, Pasco, OH) m. 8-20-1860, Jeremiah Idle (b. 1-15-1833; d.

                                           7.10   Rachel STEPHENSON (b. 1844) m. John Shreves

                                           7.11   Sarah Margaret STEPHENSON (b. 1846, OH) m. 8-31-1869, Elijah Idle

                                   6.5   Charles STEPHENSON (b. 10-16-1805, VA; d. 1-28-1887) m. 3-13-1828, Clark
                                           Co., OH, Rachel Johnston (b. 1-26-1807, Montgomery Co., OH; d. 1-5-1888)

                                   6.6    John STEPHENSON (b. ca 1809, VA) m. 1-26-1834, Clark Co., OH, Rachel Ann

                                   6.7    Jane STEPHENSON (b. ca 1811; d. bef. 3-26-1834) m. 2-15-1828, Clark Co., OH,
                                            George Meranda

                                   6.8     Unknown STEPHENSON

                            5.7  Alexander STEPHENSON (b. ca 1770, Augusta Co., VA) m. Sara Ewing (b. ca 1769, VA)

                            5.8   Mary STEPHENSON (b. ca 1772, Augusta, VA) m. Boyd Miller

                            5.9   Samuel STEPHENSON (b. 1774, VA; d. 1-4-1851, Jackson, OH) m. 10-20-1802, Monroe
                                    Co., VA, Jane Swope (b. 1782, VA; d. 9-8-1845)

                            5.10  Thomas STEPHENSON (b. ca 1776, Augusta, VA)

                            5.11  Joseph STEPHENSON (b. ca 1778, Augusta, VA)

                            5.12  William STEPHENSON (b. ca 1780, Augusta, VA; d. 1844, Franklin, MO) m. Margaret

                     4.2   John H. STEPHENSON
                     4.3   William STEPHENSON


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