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STEPHENSON Family (con't)

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Descendants of

7.4  THOMAS SIMS STEPHENSON (b. 2-2-1830, Clark Co., OH; d. 1-31-1911; buried Pasco Cemetery, near
        Quincy, OH) m. HESTER (Hettie) WHITMER (b. 10-1-1835, Pasco, OH), daughter of JACOB WHITMER
        and EVE CLEPPER.       

       They moved to IN, for six years, then returned to Adams Township, Champaign Co., OH, where they
        bought 40 acres of timber. Later he owned 400 acres.

       1880, Census, Champaign Co., OH, #187B, dwelling #16
       Thomas - age 50, b. OH, father - VA, mother - OH
       Hetty - age 45, b. OH, parents b. PA
       Marion - age 21, b. OH
       Charles - age 19, b. OH
       Cristina - age 19 - daughter-in-law b. OH, parents b. Prussia
       George - age 13 - b. OH
       Jefferson - age 11 - b. OH

       8.1  Clara Belle STEPHENSON (b. 11-8-1854, Fountain Co., IN; d. 1-17-1919, Shelby Co., OH) m.
              10-2-1873, David Weimer (b. 10-27-1851; d. 1929, Pasco, OH)

       8.2   James Franklin STEPHENSON (b. 3-18-1857, Fountain Co., IN; d. 11-1-1888, Champaign Co., OH)

       8.3   MARION WHITMER STEPHENSON (b. 12-29-1858, Fountain Co., IN; d. 10-1-1908)
               CHRISTENA ELIZABETH BIRKHOLD (b. 2-27-1861; buried Cedar Point, OH), daughter of

              They lived in a log cabin for two years, then moved to a frame house in northwest corner
              of Champaign County, Ohio. Marion taught school for a few years and farmed in summer.
              Later he constructed roads.

              9.1  Mary Hettie STEPHENSON (b. 2-5-1881) m. 4-14-1926, William G. Smith (b. 8-15-1884,
                     Hicksville, OH)

              9.2   Thomas George STEPHENSON (b. 6-9-1882; d. 2-11-1935; buried Glen Cemetery, Port
                      Jefferson, OH) m. 11-29-1903, Zulu Milner (b. 4-19-1886; d. 5-5-1956)

              9.3   Emmett James STEPHENSON (b. 6-28-1884; d. 12-30-1958) m. 10-1902, Lecie May Dovel
                      (b. 7-9-1887)

              9.4   ROBERT FRANKLIN STEPHENSON (b. 2-9-1889; d. 8-1965, OH) m. INA MONROE (b. 10-28-1887;
                      d. 8-1987, OH), daughter of G.K. MONROE and JOSEPHINE VAN de MARK (m. 9-24-1884, Shelby
                     Co., OH)  Robert was a farmer and manufacturer of liquid fertilizer.

                     10.1  VAN de MARK STEPHENSON (b. 1-28-1908; d. 11-1984, Mt. Victory, Hardin Co., OH) m.
                              6-1-1929, Mt. Victory, Hardin Co., OH, ARDITH LOUISE SHERMAN (b. 12-30-1906, Mt.
                             Victory, Hardin Co., OH; d. 5-4-1997, Kenton, OH), daughter of ROSS SHERMAN and
                              CASSIE SHIRTZER

                             11.1   Norma Jeanne STEPHENSON (b. private) m. Calvin Keith Holser (b. private)

                             11.2   Sondra Eilene STEPHENSON (b. private)

                             11.3   CHARLOTTE SUE STEPHENSON (b. private) m. JAMES FREDERICK RALSTON (b.
                                       private), son of DUDLEY HARRIS RALSTON, SR. and  RACHEL INEZ FLEECE
                                       (For children, see JAMES FREDERICK RALSTON)

              9.5   John Madison (Mack) STEPHENSON (b. 9-23-1890; d. 2-27-1936; buried Glen Cemetery,
                      Port Jefferson, OH) m. Goldie Minnear (b. 2-14-1892)

              9.6    Harry Birkhold STEPHENSON (b. 6-3-1892) m. 1912, Ida Fiddler (b. 2-28-1893)

              9.7    Charles Marion Virgil STEPHENSON (b. 4-4-1894; d. 8-11-1936, auto accident) m.
                       11-19-1919, Sophia Meyer (b. 11-27-1893)

              9.8    Clifford Henry STEPHENSON (b. 2-16-1896) m. 4-21-1916, Icy May Clem (b. 2-16-1895)

       8.4   Charles Douglas STEPHENSON (b. 4-25-1861, Champaign Co., OH; d. 5-10-1938, Crowell,
                TX) m. 10-19-1882, Logan Co., OH, Florence F. Stiles (b. 11-2-1859, Logan Co., OH; d.
                1-25-1939, Foard Co., TX)

       8.5   George Edward STEPHENSON (b. 4-9-1867, Champaign Co., OH; d. 8-14-1927, Rosewood,
               OH) m. 12-21-1893, Minerva (Minnie) Swazey Lauer (b. 7-18-1865, York, IL)

       8.6   Thomas Jefferson STEPHENSON (b. 1-25-1869, Champaign Co., OH; d. 1-15-1928, Sidney,
                OH) m. 12-26-1889, Pearl Comer (b. 8-20-1868, Pemberton, OH; d. 8-2-1950)


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