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Descendants of
King of Scotland

1.1 KENNETH MacALPIN, King of Scotland 843-859 (d. 2-13-859)  Conqueror of the Picts.  He united Scotland
      north of the River Forth.

      2.1  CONSTANTINE I, King of Scots 863-877 (d. 877, slain by the Danes)

             3.1  DONALD II, King of Scots 889-900 (d. 900)

                    4.1  MALCOLM I, King of Scots 942-954 (d. 954, slain by men of Moray)

                           5.1  KENNETH II, King of Scots 971-995 (b. ca 932; d. 995, Iona, Argyllshire, Scotland, murdered by

                                  6.1  Unknown Daughter m. Findlaech Mormaer, Moray

                                         7.1 Macbeth, King of Scotland, 1040-1057 (d. 1057, Battle of Lumphanan, killed by
                                               MALCOLM III CANMORE)

                                  6.1   MALCOLM II, King of Scots, 1005-1034 (b. ca 970, Scotland; d. 11-25-1034, Glamis,
                                          Forfarshire, Scotland, murdered)

                                         7.1  ALICE (Donada), Princess of Scotland (d. 11-25-1034) m. SIGURD, Earl of Orkney
                                                (d. 4-23-1014) (For children, see SIGURD)
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                                         7.2   BEATRICE (Bethoc), Princess of Scotland (b. ca 984, Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland)
                                                m. CRINAN "the Thane" (Crinan de Mormaer),  Lord of the Isles, Lay Abbot of Dunkeld
                                                (b. 978, Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland; d. 1045, Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland)
                                                (For children, see CRINAN "the Thane")
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                           5.2   DUBH (Duff), King of Scotland, 962-967 (d. 967, murdered)

                                   6.1  KENNETH III, King of Scotland, 997-1005 (d. 1005, in  civil war)

                                          7.1 UNKNOWN SON

                                                8.1 BIANCO, Thane of Lochabry (d. murdered by Macbeth)

                                                      9.1 FLEANCE m. NEST (Nesta) verch GRUFFYDD (Griffin) (b. ca 1059, Rhuddlan,
                                                            Flintshire, Wales), daughter of GRUFFYDD ap LLEWELYN and
                                                            EALDGYTH (Edith)

                                                            10.1 FLAAD, Senescal of Dol (b. ca 1046, Dol-de-Bretagne-Ille-et-
                                                                    Vilaine, France)

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11.1 ALAN FitzFLAAD, sheriff of Shropshire (b. ca 1078, Dol, Normandy, France; d. 1114) m. ca 1105
        AVELINA de HESDING (b. ca 1095, Shropshire, England), daughter of ERNULF de HESDING

       12.1 WALTER FitzALAN, High Steward of Scotland (b. ca 1106,  Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire, Scotland;
               d. 1177) m. ca 1131 ESCHYNA de MOLLE (b. ca 1125), daughter of THOMAS de  LONDONIS

              13.1 ALAN FitzWALTER, High Steward of Scotland (b. ca 1126,  Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire,
                     Scotland; d. 1204) m. MARGARET of Galloway, Princess of Scotland (b. ca 1130,
                     Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland), daughter of Lord FERGUS and Princess ELIZABETH

                     14.1  ALEXANDER I, High Steward of Scotland (b. ca 1153, Scotland)

                             15.1 AVELINA FitzWALTER STEWART (b. ca 1179, Scotland)  m. ca 1200 DUNCAN, Earl of
                                    Carrick (b. ca 1176, Galloway, Scotland; d. 6-13-1250), son of GILBERT of
                                     Galloway and Carrick  (For children, see DUNCAN, Earl of Carrick)

                             15.2 WALTER II STEWART, High Steward of Scotland (b. ca 1180, Scotland; d. 1241) m.
                                     BEATRIX de ANGUS (b. ca 1184, Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland), daughter
                                     Earl GILCHRIST and Princess MARJORY

                                    16.1 MARGARET STEWART (b. ca 1206, Scotland) m. NEIL, Earl of Carrick (b. ca 1202, Carrick,
                                           Ayrshire, Scotland; d. 1256), son of Earl DUNCAN and AVELINA STEWART (For children, see
                                           NEIL, Earl of Carrick)

                                    16.2 Elizabeth STEWART (b. ca 1210) m. Maldouen, Earl of Lennox (b. ca 1190,

                                    16.3 ALEXANDER II, Lord High Steward of Scotland (b. 1214,Dundonald, Ayrshire,
                                           Scotland; d. 1283) m. JEAN (b. ca 1218, Bute, Scotland)

                                           17.3 ALEXANDER, High Steward (b. ca 1240, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland)
                                                  18.1 UNKNOWN STEWART (b. ca 1268, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland)
                                                         m. ca 1286, Lamberton, Mordington, Scotland, Sir ALEXANDER de LINDSAY
                                                         (b. ca 1267, Breneville, Ayrshire, Scotland; d. aft 1308), son of DAVID
                                                         LINDSAY and MARGARET LINDSAY (For children, see ALEXANDER de
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                                           17.4 JAMES, Steward of Scotland (b. 1243, Scotland; d. 1309) m.  EGIDID de BURGH (b.
                                                   1263, Ulster, Ireland)

                                                  18.1 Andrew STEWART (b. ca 1290, Scotland)

                                                  18.2 WALTER STEWART, Lord High Steward of Scotland (b. 1292,
                                                         Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland;  d. 4-9-1326, Bathgate Castle,
                                                         Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland) m. (1) Alice Erskine, daughter of
                                                         Sir John Erskine

                                                         19.1 Jean STEWART m. Hugh, Earl of Ross (d. 1333, Halidon Hill)

                                                         WALTER STEWART m. (2) Isabel de Graham (b. ca 1298,
                                                         Abercom, West Lothian, Scotland)
                                                         19.2 John STEWART, Earl of Ralston Sheriff of Perth (b. ca 1318, Ralston,
                                                                Renfrewshire, Scotland) m. Alice More (b. ca 1320)
                                                                On 4-15-1396, a charter was confirmed to Hugh Wallace, whereby Sir John
                                                                John Stewart of Railston pledged to him his lands for 100 merks.

                                                                20.1 Sir Walter STEWART (b. ca 1344, Ralston, Renfrewshire, Scotland)

                                                                20.2 Sir John STEWART (b. ca 1346, Ralston, Renfrewshire, Scotland)

                                                                20.3 Egidia STEWART (b. ca 1355, Ralston, Renfrewshire, Scotland)
                                                                       m. Patrick Graham (b. ca 1353, Kincardine, Angusshire, Scotland)

                                                                20.4 Margaret STEWART (b. ca 1357, Ralston, Renfrewshire, Scotland)
                                                                        m. Sir John Hay (b. ca 1355, Tulibody, Scotland)

                                                                20.5 Marjory STEWART (b. ca 1359, Ralston, Renfrewshire, Scotland)
                                                                        m. Sir Alexander Lindsay (b. ca 1357, Glenesh, Scotland)

                                                         19.3 Andrew STEWART (b. ca 1322)
                                                         19.4 Egidia STEWART (b. ca 1325, Cunninghame, Ayrshire,
                                                                Scotland) m. James de LINDSAY  (b. ca 1327, Crawford, Lanarkshire,
                                                                Scotland), son of DAVID LINDSAY and MARIA ABERNATHY (For
                                                                children, see James de LINDSAY)

                                                         WALTER STEWART m. (3) MARJORY BRUCE, Princess of Scotland (b. ca 1297,
                                                         Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland; d. 3-2-1316), daughter of ROBERT BRUCE and
                                                         ISABEL MAR

                                                         19.4 ROBERT II STEWART, King of Scotland (b. 3-2-1316, Dundonald, Kyle, Ayrshire,
                                                                Scotland; d. 4-19-1390, Dundonald, Kyle, Ayrshire,
                                                                Scotland)   (See below)

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                                                  18.3 Sir John STEWART (b. ca 1294)

                                                         19.1 Elizabeth STEWART m. Alexander Hamilton of Cadyow

                                                         19.2 Margaret (Marjory) STEWART

                                                  18.4 Egidia (Giles) STEWART (b. ca 1296)

                                                  18.5 Sir James STEWART (b. ca 1298, Durisdeer, Dumfrieshire, Scotland)

                                           17.5 Elizabeth STEWART (b. ca 1245) m.  William DOUGLAS, son of Andrew

                                           17.6 Sir John STEWART (b. ca 1245, Scotland) m. Margaret de Bonkyl
                                                  (b. ca 1249, Berwickshire, Scotland)

                                    16.4 John STEWART (b. ca 1216)

                                    16.5 Walter "Ballioch" STEWART, Earl Menteith (b. ca 1218, Scotland) m.
                                            Mary, Countess of Menteith (b. ca 1220)

                                           17.1 Alexander STEWART, Earl of Menteith (b. ca 1245)

                                           17.2 Sir John STEWART of Mentieth (b. ca 1248)

                                    16.6 Sir Robert STEWART (b. ca 1223, Tarbolton, Ayrshire, Scotland)

       12.2 Jordan FitzALAN, Senescal of Dol (b. ca 1108, Tuxford, Nottinghamshire, England) m. Mary
               Unknown (b. ca 1119)

              13.1 Joran FitzALAN (b. ca 1141, Burton, Nottinghamshire, England)

              13.2 Alan FitzALAN, Senescal of Dol (b. ca 1143, Nottinghamshire, England) m. Joan Unknown (b. ca 1147)

                     14.1   Jordan FitzALAN (b. ca 1169, Nottinghamshire, England)

                     14.2   Olive FitzALAN (b. ca 1171, Sharrington, Norfolk, England)

                     14.3   Alicia FitzALAN (b. ca 1173, Dol-de-Bretagne,  Ille-et-Vilaine, France) m. William "Spina"
                              FitzHamo (b. ca 11767, Brittany)

       12.3 WILLIAM FitzALAN, Lord of Oswestrie (b. ca 1110, Owestrie, Shropshire, England; d. 1160) m.
               HELEN PEVEREL (b. 1115, Oswestrie, Shropshire, England), daughter of WILLIAM PEVEREL

              13.1 WILLIAM FitzALAN II (b. ca 1136, Owestry, Shropshire, England; d. 1210) m. ISABEL de SAY
                     (b. ca 1141, Clun, Shropshire, England), daughter of INGRAM de SAY, Lord of Clun

                     14.1 JOHN FitzALAN, Lord of Clun (b. 1164, Arundel, Sussex, England) m. ca 1222,
                             ISABELLA (Isabel) d'AUBIGNY (Albini) (b. ca 1198, Arundel, Sussex, England; d. bef
                             1240), daughter of WILLIAM d'AUBIGNY and MABEL MESCHINES

                             15.1 JOHN FitzALAN, Earl of Arundel (b. 5-1223, Arundel, Sussex, England; d. 1267) m.
                                    MAUD (Matilda) de BOTILLER (Verdon) (b. ca 1226, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England;
                                    d. 11-27-1283, England)

                                    16.1 JOHN FitzALAN (b. 9-14-1246, Arundel, Sussex, England; d. 3-18-1272) m. 1260,
                                           ISABELLA de MORTIMER (b. ca 1248,  Wigmore, Herefordshire, England; d.
                                           bef. 8-10-1274)

                                           17.1 RICHARD FitzALAN, 1st Earl of Arundel (b. 2-3-1267, Arundel,
                                                  Sussex, England; d. 3-9-1302) m.  ALISONA de SALUZZA (b. ca 1271,
                                                  Saluzza, Italy; d. 9-25-1292), daughter of THOMAS SALUZZO and LEUGIA CEVA

                                                  18.1 EDMUND FitzALAN, 2nd Earl of  Arundel (b. 5-1-1290, Castle
                                                         Marlborough, Sussez, England; d. 11-17-1326, Hampsteadshire,
                                                         England, beheaded) m. 1305, ALICE de WARENNE (b. ca 1286,
                                                         Warren, Sussex, England; d. bef.  5-23-1338), daughter of WILLIAM
                                                         WARENNE and JOAN VERE

                                                         19.1 RICHARD "Copped Hat" FitzALAN, Earl of Arundel (b. ca 1313,
                                                                Arundel, Sussex, Englandd. 1-24-1376, Arundel, Sussex,
                                                                England) (See below)

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                                           17.2 ELEANOR FitzALAN, Baroness Percy  (b. ca 1271, Arundel, Sussex, England;
                                                  d. 7-1328) m. ca 1299, Alnwick, Northumberland, England, HENRY de PERCY,
                                                  Lord Percy (b. 3-25-1273, Petworth, Sussex,  England; d. 10-2-1314, Fountains Abbey,
                                                  Yorkshire, England), son of HENRY PERCY and ELEANOR WARENNE
                                                  (For children, see HENRY de PERCY)
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19.1 RICHARD "Copped Hat" FitzALAN, 3rd Earl of Arundel (b. ca 1313, Arundel,  Sussex, England; d.
       1-24-1376, Arundel, Sussex, England)  (See above) m. (1) 2-9-1321, ISABEL le DESPENCER, Countess
        of Arundel (b. ca 1312), daughter of HUGH DESPENCER and ELEANOR CLARE 

        20.1 JOHN FitzALAN, Baron Arundel (b. ca 1328, Echingham, Sussex, England; d. 12-16-1379, drowned,
                Irish Sea) m. ELEANOR MALTRAVERS (b. 1330, Echingham, Sussex, England; d. 1-10-1405), daughter

              21.1 JOHN FitzALAN, 2nd Baron Arundel (b. ca 1354; d. 1390) m. ELIZABETH DESPENCER, Baroness
                      Arundel (b. ca 1367, Essendine, Rutlandshire, England; d. 4-11-1408), daughter of EDWARD DESPENCER
                      and ELIZABETH BURGHERSH

                     22.1  John FitzALAN, 6th Earl of Arundel (d. 1421) m. Eleanor Berkeley

                             23.1  John FitzALAN, 7th Earl of Arundel (b. 1408; d. 1435) m. Maul Lovell

                                     24.1 Humphrey FitzALAN, 8th Earl of Arundel  (b. 1429; d. 1438)

                             23.2  William FitzALAN, 9th Earl of Arundel (b. ca 1410; d. 1487) m. Lady Joan NEVILLE,
                                      daughter of RICHARD NEVILLE and ALICE MONTAGU

                                     24.1 Thomas FitzALAN, 10th Earl of Arundel (d. 1524)  m. Margaret Widville

                                             25.1 William FitzALAN, 11th Earl of Arundel (d. 1544) m. Anne Percy.  William was a
                                                    friend of King Henry VIII.

                                                    26.1  Henry FitzALAN, 12th Earl of Arundel, (d. 1580) m. Catherine Grey.  Henry
                                                            was a godson of King Henry VIII

                                                            27.1 Lady Mary FitzALAN (b. 1540; d. 8-25-1557) m. Thomas HOWARD,
                                                                   4th Duke of Norfolk, Earl of Surrey, Earl Marshal of England, K.B.,
                                                                   K.G. (b. 3-10-1538; d. 6-2-1572, beheaded)

                     22.2  Sir THOMAS FitzALAN (b. ca 1400, Bechworth, Surrey, England; d. 1431) m. JOAN MOYNS
                              (b. ca 1402), daughter HENRY MOYNS

                             23.1  ELEANOR FitzALAN (b. ca 1428, Bechworth, Surrey, England) m. Sir THOMAS BROWNE
                                      (b. ca 1402, Bechworth, Surrey, England; d. 7-20-1460) (For children, see Sir THOMAS BROWNE)
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       20.2 Edmund FitzALAN (b. ca 1330) m. Sibyl Montagu (b. ca 1332)

              21.1 Alice FitzALAN (b. ca 1346) m. Sir Leonard Carew (b. 1342)

       20.3 MARY (Isabel) FitzALAN, Baroness Strange (b. ca 1332, Corfham, Shropshire, England; d. 12-7-1396)
              m. JOHN le STRANGE, Baron Strange (b. 1-13-1332, Whitechurch, Shropshire, England; d.
              5-12-1361), son of FULKE STRANGE and ELIZABETH STAFFORD (For children, see JOHN le STRANGE)
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       20.4 Philippa FitzALAN (b. ca 1333, Arundel, Sussex, England) m. Sir Richard Sergeaux (b. ca 1328)

       20.5 JOHN FitzALAN, Baron Arundel (b. ca 1328, Echingham, Sussex, England; d. 12-16-1379, drowned,
                Irish Sea) m. ELEANOR MALTRAVERS (b. 1330, Echingham, Sussex, England; d. 1-10-1405), daughter

              21.1 JOAN FitzALAN (b. ca 1352, Echingham, Sussex, England; d. 9-1-1404, Echingham, Sussex, England)
                      m. Sir WILLIAM de ECHINGHAM (b. ca 1338, Echingham, Sussex, England; d. 3-2-1412, Echingham,
                     Sussex, England), son of WILLIAM ECHINGHAM and ELIZABETH UNKNOWN  (For children, see Sir
                     WILLIAM de ECHINGHAM)
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       RICHARD "Copped Hat" FitzALAN m. (2) 2-5-1345, Ditton, England, ELEANOR PLANTAGENET, Countess of
       Arundel (b. ca 1315, Grismond, Castle, Monmouthshire, England; d. 111-1372, Arundel, Sussex, England),
       daughter of HENRY, 3rd Earl of Lancaster and Leicester. and MAUD de  CHAWORTH

       20.6 RICHARD FitzALAN, 4th Earl of Arundel and Surrey (b. 1346, Arundel, Sussex, England; d. 9-18-1397,
               London, Middlesex, England,  beheaded) m. 9-28-1365, Derbyshire, England, ELIZABETH de BOHUN
              (b. ca 1350, Derbyshire, England; d. 4-3-1385), daughter of WILLIAM BOHUN and ELIZABETH BADLESMERE

              21.1 Thomas FitzALAN, 5th Earl of Arundel (d. 1415) m. Beatrice, Princess of Portugal

              21.2 ELIZABETH FitzALAN (b. 1366, Derbyshire, England; d. 7-8-1425,  Heveringham, Nottingham,
                    England) m. (1) William de Montagu, Baron; m. (2) THOMAS MOWBRAY, 6th Baron Mowbray, Baron
                     Segrave, K.G. (b.  3-22-1366, Epworth, Isle of Axholme, England; d. 9-22-1399, Venice, Italy) 
                     THOMAS MOWBRAY was created  Earl of Nottingham on 2-12-1383; Earl Marshal of England on
                     6-30-1385; and Duke of Norfolk on 9-29-1397.  (For children, see THOMAS MOWBRAY)
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                     ELIZABETH FitzALAN m. (3) bef. 8-19-1401,Sir Robert Goushill;  m. (4) bef. 7-3-1414, Sir Gerard Usflete

       20.7 JOAN FitzALAN (b. 1347, Arundel, Essex, England; d. 4-7-1419, Saffran Walden, Essex, England) m.
               9-9-1359, Norfolk, England, HUMPHREY de BOHUN IX (b. 3-25-1342, Hereford, Herefordshire,
              England; d. 1-16-1373), son of WILLIAM BOHUN and ELIZABETH BADLESMERE (For children, see
              HUMPHREY de BOHUN IX)
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       20.8 ALICE FitzALAN, Countess of Kent (b. ca 1350, Arundel, Sussex, England; d. 3-17-1416) m. 4-10-1364,
              Arundel, Sussex, England, THOMAS de HOLAND, Earl of Kent, K.G. (b. 1354, Upholand,
              Lancashire, England; d. 4-25-1397, Woodstock, Kent, England), son of THOMAS de HOLAND and
              JOAN "Fair Maid of Kent"  (For children, see THOMAS de HOLAND)
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19.4 ROBERT II STEWART, King of Scotland (b. 3-2-1316,   Dundonald, Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland; d. 4-19-1390,
        Dundonald, Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland) (See above) m. (1) 11-22-1337, Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland,
       ELIZABETH MURE (More) (b. ca 1320, Rowallan, Kilmarnock, Scotland; d. ca 1357, Scotland), daughter of
       Sir ADAM MORE (b. ca 1290, Rowallan, Kilmarnock, Scotland) and JOANNA DANZIELSTOUR  (b. ca 1275,
        Rowallan, Kilmarnock, Scotland)

       ROBERT II was King of Scotland between 1371 and 1390 and was also  Earl of Atholl and Strathem.

        20.1  Walter STEWART, Earl of Fife (b. ca 1338, Dundonald, Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland) m. Isabella MacDuff
                 (b. ca 1342, Fifeshire, Scotland)

        20.2  Robert STEWART, Duke of Albany (b. ca 1340, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland; d. 9-1419) m. (1)
                Margaret Graham, Countess of Menteith (b. ca 1334, Perthshire, Scotland); m. (2) Muriella Keith,
                Duchess of Albany (b. ca 1351, Argyllshire, Scotland)

                21.1 John STEWART, Earl of Buchan (b. ca 1380, Argyllshire, Scotland) m. Elizabeth Douglas (b. ca
                        1394, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland)

                Robert STEWART m. (3) Margaret Murdoch (b. ca 1365)

                21.2 Murdoch STEWART

        20.3  Margaret STEWART, Princess of Scotland (b. ca 1344, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland) m. (1) John
                 Dunbar, Earl of Moray (b. ca 1340, Morayshire, Scotland); m. (2) Sir Alexander Keith (b. ca 1340,
                Grantown, Morayshire, Scotland)

        20.4  Elizabeth STEWART, Princess of Scotland (b. ca 1346, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland) m. Sir Thomas
                 Hay (b. ca 1342, Inchetuthyll, Perthshire, Scotland)

        20.5  Isabel Euphemia STEWART, Princess of Scotland (b. ca 1348, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland; d. ca
                 1410) m. (1) Sir John Edmonstone (b. ca 1344, Duntreath, Strathblane, Stirlingshire, Scotland); m.
                 (2) 9-23-1371, Scotland, James II DOUGLAS, 2nd Earl Douglas, 11th Lord Douglas,  (b. 1358, Douglas,
                Lanarkshire, Scotland; d. 8-10-1388, Battle of Otterburn, Berwickshire, Scotland)

        20.6  Jean (Joanna) STEWART, Princess of Scotland (b. ca 1348, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland) m.
                 (1) Sir John Keith (b. ca 1346, Perthshire, Scotland); m. (2) John Lyon, Chamberlain of
                  Scotland (b. ca 1340, Glamis, Angusshire, Scotland) m. (3) Sir James Sandilands (b. ca 1346,
                 Calder, Lanarkshire, Scotland)

        20.7  Alexander STEWART, "Wolf of Badenoch", Earl of Buchan (b. ca 1352, Dundonald, Ayrshire,
                 Scotland) and Euphemia, Countess of Ross (b. ca 1352, Ross, Scotland)

                21.1 Alexander STEWART (d. 1435) m. Isabel Douglas

        20.8  ROBERT III STEWART, King of Scotland (b. 1357, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland; d. 4-4-1406,
                 Rothsay Castle, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland) m. (1) UNKNOWN.   ROBERT III was born
                John but took the name of Robert III because he felt that kings with the name of John
                 had not had very good luck.  He was also Earl of Carrick.

                21.1  Elizabeth STEWART m. James DOUGLAS, 2nd Laird of Dalkeith (d. ca 1440)

                ROBERT III STEWART m. (2) ca 1369 ANNABELLA DRUMMOND (b. ca 1350, Stobhall, Cargill,
                Perthsire, Scotland; d. 1401, Scone, Perthshire, Scotland) 

                21.2  MARGARET STEWART (b. ca 1370, Dunfermline, Scotland; d. 1450, Thrieve Castle,
                         Galloway, Scotland) m. ca 1387, Scotland, ARCHIBALD III "Tyne-man" DOUGLAS, 4th Earl
                          Douglas (b. ca 1372, Lanarkshire, Scotland; d. 1426, killed at Verneuil), son of
                         ARCHIBALD II "the Grim" DOUGLAS and JOHANA MORAY.  ARCHIBALD III was the 13th Lord Douglas,
                          Lord of Galloway, Bothwell and Annandale, and Duke of Touraine.   (For children, see
                         ARCHIBALD III "Tyne-man" DOUGLAS)
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                21.3  David STEWART, Duke of Rothesay (b. ca 1375; d. 1401 murdered by his uncle, Robert,
                         Duke of Albany)

                21.4  Mary STEWART, Princess of Scotland (b. 1380, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland; d. 1458) m.
                         5-24-1397, George DOUGLAS, 1st Earl of Angus (b. ca 1376, Mar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland;
                        d. aft. 9-14-1402, Homildon Hill, captured by English, died of plague)

                21.5  James I STEWART, King of Scotland 1406-1437 (b. 12-1394; d. 3-21-1437, assassinated) m.
                          2-2-1424, JOAN de BEAUFORT, Countess of Westermorland (b. ca 1375, Chateau de
                           Beaufort, Meuse-et-Loire, France; d. 11-13-1440, Howden, Yorkshire, England), daughter of
                          JOHN of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and BLANCHE PLANTAGENET

                           For descendants including current English royalty, click here

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        ROBERT II SCOTLAND m. (2) 5-2-1355, Scotland, EUPHEMIA ROSS (b. ca 1320, Ross, Scotland; d. 1387),   
        daughter of HUGH ROSS and MARGARET GRAHAM

        20.9   David STEWART, Earl of Strathearn (b. ca 1358, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland) m. Eupheme
                  Lindsay (b. ca 1360, Glenesk, Angusshire, Scotland)

        20.10  Egidia (Jill) STEWART, Princess of Scotland (b. ca 1362, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland) m.
                   William DOUGLAS (b. ca 1364, Nithsdale, Drumfrieshire, Scotland; d. 1398,Danzig), son of ARCHIBALD
                    DOUGLAS and JOHANA MORAY

        20.11 CATHERINE (Jean) STEWART, Princess of Scotland (b. ca 1362,  Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland; d. ca
                 1446) m. ca 1380, DAVID LINDSAY, 1st Earl of Crawford (b. 1359, Glenesk, Angusshire, Scotland;
                 d. 8-12-1407, Castle of Finhaven, Angusshire, Scotland), son of ALEXANDER LINDSAY and
                  KATHERINE STIRLING.  (For children, see DAVID LINDSAY)
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        20.12  Walter STEWART, Earl of Atholl (b. ca 10-19-1368, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland) m. Margaret Barclay,
                   Countess of Caithness (b. ca 1362, Brechin, Angusshire, Scotland)

        ROBERT II SCOTLAND and Mora Leitch (b. ca 1316, Scotland)

        20.13  John "Black Stewart" STEWART (b. ca 1336, Bute, Scotland) m. Jonet (Jean) Sympild (b. ca 1338,
                    Egliston, Dorchestershire, England)

        ROBERT II SCOTLAND and Marion Carney (b. ca 1318, Scotland)

        20.14  John STEWART (b. ca 1342, Knilevin, Scotland)

        20.15  James STEWART (b. ca 1344, Kinfannis, Perthshire, Scotland)

        20.16  Alexander STEWART (b. ca 1346, Lunen, Angusshire, Scotland)

        ROBERT II SCOTLAND and various mistresses had the following children:

        20.17  Thomas STEWART, Dean of Dunkeld (b. ca 1337, Dunkeld, Scotland)

        20.18  John "Red Stewart" STEWART (b. ca 1340, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland)

        20.19  Alexander STEWART (b. ca 1342, Inverhman, Scotland)

        20.20  James STEWART (b. ca 1342, Kinfauns, Perthshire, Scotland)

        20.21  John STEWART (b. ca 1344, Cardney, Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland)

        20.22  Walter STEWART (b. ca 1346, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland)

        20.23  Alexander STEWART, Canon of Glasgow (b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland)

        20.24  Sir John STEWART (b. Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland) m.
                  Elizabeth Graham (b. Kincardine, Angusshire, Scotland)


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