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Descendants of

1.1 JAMES THORNTON (b. bet. 1760/5; d. 1840, Smith Co., MS) m. SARAH UNKNOWN (b. bet. 1765/70; d. bet. 1841/45,
      Smith Co., MS)  The 1810 Census record for Chesterfield District, SC, lists James and his family.  Between
      1834 and 1840, Smith Co., MS, the Tax Rolls list James living on Tallahaly River beginning in 1834 and each
      year he is listed with one male between the ages of 21-50 taxed. Amount of tax was .37 1/2 for each year
      except 1837.

      2.1  Daughter THORNTON (b. ca 1784)

      2.2 LEVI THORNTON (b. ca 1785, VA; d. bet. 1850/60) m. POLLY UNKNOWN (b. ca 1784, VA; d. bet. 1850/60)
            The 1830 Census for Clarke Co.. AL, lists Levi Thorington, age 40-50; wife, age 40-50; 1 male, 10-15,
            1 male, 5-10; 1 male, under 5; 1 female, 15-20; 1 female, 10-15

            3.1 Daughter THORNTON (b. ca 1810-12)

            3.2 Elizabeth THORNTON (b. ca 1813, SC)

            3.3 William M. "Bill" THORNTON (b. ca 1819, SC)

            3.4 Sarah "Sallie" THORNTON (b. 10-1820, SC)

            3.5 Ransom D. THORNTON (b. ca 1824, AL)

            3.6  RICHARD R. THORNTON (b. ca 1825, AL; d. 5-28-1862, Smith Co., MS) m. ca 1849, AMANDA M. VINZANT (b. 1828,
                   MS; d. 9-30-1892, Smith Co., MS) (See CENSUS RECORD)
                   Military Service: CSA, CO G 6 BN 46 INF, SINGLETON GUARDS
                   Richard was a miller.  Amanda was buried Goodwater Baptist Church Cemetery, Lemon, Smith Co., MS)
                   1870 Cenus for Smith Co., MS, lists Amanda on Page 4, T3 R8E, Household #20

                    4.1 Anselum Joseph THORNTON (b. 6-1850, MS; d. Hattisburg, Forest Co., MS)

                    4.2  Mahala Mazalla "Halley" THORNTON (b. 12-13-1851, Smith Co., MS; d. 2-8-1935, Jackson, Hinds Co., MS)

                   4.3  Sarah J. "Sallie" THORNTON (b. 1-18-1854, MS; 11-25-1917)

                    4.4  Mary Miranda "Mandy" THORNTON (b. ca 1856, MS)

                    4.5  EMANUEL CLARK THORNTON (b. 4-21-1858, MS; d. 3-17-1939, MS) m. 11-13-1880, Smith Co.,
                           MS, HATTIE VICTORIA MOORE (b. 7-22-1861, MS; d. 4-13-1928, MS), daughter of JOHN MOORE and
                           MARIAH MOORE.  Both are buried at St.John's Methodist Cemetery, Smith Co., MS.
                          1870 Census shows Emanuel living in the household with William Henderson.
                          1920 Census, Smith Co., MS, Beat 1, Sheet 7B, Household #110

                           5.1 BERTHA MARIAH THORNTON (b. 1-11-1879, MS; d. 1-18-1928, Midland, Midland Co., TX) m.
                                 9-1905, MS,  JOHN PERRY KEMP (b. 5-15-1874, Jasper Co., MS; d. 6-9-1952, Laurel, Jones
                                 Co., MS), son of JOHN WASHINGTON  KEMP and SARAH HERRINGTON. (For children, see
                                 JOHN PERRY KEMP) 
                                 (See PHOTO)

                           5.2 Edwin Richard "Eddie" THORNTON (b. 2-18-1884) m. ca 1908 Grace Unknown (b. ca 1895)
                                Edwin is buried in St. John's Methodist Cemetery, Smith Co., MS 

                                 6.1 Lela Mae THORNTON (b. ca 1917) m. (1) Unknown

                                       7.1 Pat Unknown

                                       Lela Mae THORNTON m. (2) Ralph Wiggins

                                       7.2 Mike Wiggins

                                       7.3 Grace Wiggins

                                       7.4 Unknown Wiggins (b. ca 1958, Lovington, NM;
                                             d. at birth)

                          5.3  James Leander THORNTON (b. 9-4-1886, MS; d. 1898)

                          5.4  Fannie Mae THORNTON (b. 10-6-1888, MS)
                                 (See PHOTO)

                          5.5  Clarence Emanuel THORNTON (b. 1-1896, MS) m. Leona Unknown

                                 6.1 Gerald KEMP (son of Verna Kemp) adopted by Clarence and Leona Thornton,
                                       his great-uncle and aunt.

                          5.6  Cornillus THORNTON (b. 4-1900, MS)

                    4.6 Malissa L. THORNTON (b. ca 1860, MS; burial, Paupers Cemetery, Raleigh, Smith Co., MS)

                    4.7 Pernesia Emmaline "Necey" THORNTON (b. ca 1865, MS; d. 1951)

                    4.8 John Elbert "Pete" THORNTON (b. 11-10-1867, Smith Co., MS; d. 10-13-1948)

                    4.9 Harris H. THORNTON (b. 8-24-1870, Burns, Smith Co., MS; d. 1-12-1953)


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