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Descendants of

1.1 HENRY GARNER VAUGHAN (b. 7-31-1779; d. 12-1-1871) m. NANCY UNKNOWN (b. ca 1792)

      2.1 RICHARD (Dick) H. VAUGHAN (b. 7-2-1810, SC; d. 5-21-1894, Fountain Inn, Laurens Co., SC)
            m. ca 1831, SC, MARY ANN GARRETT (b. ca 1814, SC; d.12-22-1880, Fountain Inn, Laurens Co., SC),
            daughter of JAMES GARRETT and ELIZABETH EDWARDS

            3.1 HENRY GARNER VAUGHAN (b. 3-27-1833; d. ca 1864, TN) m. ELVIRA M. JONES (b. 4-12-1838, SC;
                 d. 11-20-1865; buried Clear Springs Baptist Church cemetery, Bethany Road, Simpsonville,
                SC), daughter of WILLIAM JONES and NANCY McNEELY.  Henry Garner Vaughan died in the Civil
                  War between 8-3-1864 and 11-20-1865, TN
                  (See PHOTO)

                  4.1 Robert D. VAUGHAN (b. 8-29-1857, SC; d. 2-25-1933, San Angelo, TX.  Never married.  He lived
                       for a time in Oklahoma but was in a hospital in San Angelo, TX, at  time of death.  In 1918
                       he lived in Fountain, SC, and was a barber.  He had a cousin, J. C. Vaughan, who was a farmer.

                  4.2 JOHN RICHARD VAUGHAN (b. 1-11-1859, Spartenburg, SC; d. 6-11-1898, Runnels Co., TX) m.
                        1-12-1886, Hornsby's Bend, TX, MARY ELIZABETH SPRINKLE (b. 10-27-1861, Travis Co., TX;
                        d. 10-10-1947, Winters, TX) (See PHOTO)

                        1880 Census shows John Richard Vaughan living in the  household of R. B. Milwee
                        (age 38, farmer, SC); John Vaughan (age 21, farmer,SC); Robert Vaughan (age 22, farmer, SC).
                        R.B. Milwee is probably Fannie Milwee's brother.

                        John Richard Vaughan died when struck by lightening during a storm at his home
                        when he was between the barn and house.  His wife, Mary E. Sprinkle Vaughan, was
                        pregnant at the time.

                        5.1 James Henry VAUGHAN (b. 10-6-1886, Travis Co., TX;  d. 4-27-1910, Winters, TX) 
                              (See PHOTO)

                        5.2  William (Bus) Arthur VAUGHAN (b. 5-13-1888, Travis Co., TX; d. ca 1956, Tahoka, TX) m.
                               1910, Taylor Co., TX, Sally Agnew 
                               (See PHOTO)

                               6.1   Audive VAUGHAN (b. 12-23-1911, Taylor Co., TX)

                               6.2   A.R. VAUGHAN (b. 6-1921; d. 4-13-1966, Midland, Midland Co., TX) m. O'Donnell, Lynn
                                       Co., TX, Ritta Parker

                        5.3   FANNY BYRD VAUGHAN (b. 8-23-1890, Travis Co., TX; d. 4-16-1976, Odessa, Ector Co., TX;
                               buried Midland, TX) m. (1) 8-27-1905, Winters, TX, DAVID (Jack) CLAYTON LACEY
                               (b. 6-29-1888, Fredricksburg, Gillespie Co., TX; d. 4-25-1943, San Angelo, Tom Green
                               Co., TX), son of LOUIS LACEY and MARY McGUIRE  (For children, see DAVID (Jack)
                               CLAYTON LACEY)  
                               (See PHOTO)

                               FANNY BYRD VAUGHAN m. (2) 1926, Winters, TX, John H. Holliday (b. 2-8-1888, Union,
                               MS; d. 8-31-1959, Midland, Midland Co., TX)

                               6.5 James Cecil Holliday (b. private) m. (1) Myrna Fay Johnson (b. private), divorced;
                                      m. (2) Jan Busby (b. private), divorced; m. (3) Etta Pearl Tidwell (b. private)

                               6.6  Vaughni Jay Holliday (b. private) m. Douglas Rex Peacock   (b. private)

                               6.7  Bill Owen Holliday (b. private) m. Helen Ruth Petteway (b. private)

                        5.4   John (Jake) Malcolm VAUGHAN (b. 10-24-1893, Winters, TX; d. 7-3-1952, San Angelo, TX)
                                m. 1915, Winters, TX, Alice (Allie) May Maddox (b. 6-6-1893, Carnes Co., TX; d.
                                5-22-1959, San Angelo, TX) 
                               (See PHOTO)

                               6.1  Edna VAUGHAN (b. 10-27-1918) m. Harvie Blakeway (b. 12-1906)

                               6.2   Unknown VAUGHAN (b. 10-27-1921; d. young  child, diphtheria)

                               6.3    Carrie (Bob) Beth VAUGHAN (b. 1923, O'Donnell, Lynn Co., TX; d. 9-12-1980, Lamesa,
                                        TX) m. W.F. Stratham

                               6.4    William Lyonal VAUGHAN (b. 8-12-1930, Oak Creek, TX) m. Renee Melchior (b. 2-27-1935,
                                        Berlin, Germany

                        5.5  Nannie J. VAUGHAN (b. 10-21-1895, Winters, TX; d. 6-17-1970, Hobbs, Lea Co., NM) 
                              Never married 
                              (See   PHOTO)                   

                        5.6  Billie Bryan VAUGHAN (b. 3-20-1897, Winters, TX; d. 6-17-1927, Oak Creek, TX) m.
                              Bertha Dellaney 
                              (See   PHOTO)

                               6.1   Malcolm VAUGHAN (b. 1921, Winters, TX; d. 1933, CA; hit by car)

                               6.2    Duncan VAUGHAN (b. Winters, TX)

                        5.7   Marion R. VAUGHAN (b. 2-5-1899, Winters, TX; d. 5-15-1942, Winters, TX) 
                                (See PHOTO)

                  4.3  Nannie VAUGHAN (b. 1861, SC; d. aft 2-3-1953, Walhalla, SC)
                         (See PHOTO)

            3.2 Amanda (Manda) VAUGHAN (b. ca 1835, SC)

                  4.1  William H. VAUGHAN (b. ca 1870) m. Harriett Scruggs (b. ca 1872)

            3.3 William H. VAUGHAN (b. ca 1839, SC) m. Lucinda Unknown

            3.4 Paschal D. VAUGHAN (b. ca 1841)

            3.5 Toliver Robinson VAUGHAN (b. ca 1845, SC)

            3.6 Arzie Ann VAUGHAN (b. 11-4-1846, SC) m. Meredith Rogers (b. 12-31-1847)

            3.7  Richard Harrison VAUGHAN (b. 10-15-1850, SC) m. Aquilla Garrett (b. 3-23-1855, Laurens Co., SC)

                   4.1 Lida Iolia VAUGHAN (b. 9-18-1874, SC) m. Joseph Knight Gault (b. ca 1871)

                   4.2 John William Pickney VAUGHAN (b. 2-24-1877, SC) m. Irene McGee (b. ca 1880)

                   4.3 Frances Estelle VAUGHAN (b. 6-23-1881, SC) m. Joseph Henry Knight (b. ca 1879)

                   4.4  James Clarence VAUGHAN (b. 9-13-1883, Laurens Co., SC) m. Mary Emma (Mayme)
                          Knight (b. 3-12-1891, Laurens Co., SC)

                          5.1 James Bruce VAUGHAN (b. 9-23-1909, Fountain Inn, SC) m. Mildred Hewitt (b. 10-2-1914)

            3.8  Martin Pickney VAUGHAN (b. 10-24-1853, SC) m. Sue A. Goodwin (b. 11-11-1857, SC)

            3.9   Sarah (Sally) Howard VAUGHAN (b. 7-1-1853, SC) m. William J. Goodwin (b. 11-2-1850)

            3.10  James (Jimmy) H. VAUGHAN (b. 8-2-1857, SC) m. Lillie McClemmons (b. 5-11-1870)

       2.2 Nancy VAUGHAN (b. 4-24-1813, Laurens Co., SC) m. Thomas M. Garrett (b. 12-8-1809, Laurens
             Co., SC)

             3.1   Thomas M. Garrett (b. 8-23-1834, Greenville Co., SC)

             3.2   Ticora (Corrie) Garrett (b. ca 1838)

             3.3   Arzie (Orsey) Garrett (b. ca 1842)


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